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  1. WoldD90

    Superwinch Husky 10 winch - new/old stock (brand new)

    I have been running my Husky Superwinch with Synthetic since 2004... No issues at all. The drum does not get hot.
  2. WoldD90

    Wheel arch fasteners

    Home Depot and Lowes have something similar...
  3. WoldD90

    Drill Bits For Steel?

    Use your Dad's drill bits from the 60s and 70s... Those last forever.
  4. WoldD90

    Stolen - Vancouver BC

    We all hope your brother finds his Hummer. Hopefully, it will be in still shape and the people that took it, are in jail.
  5. WoldD90

    Fiberglass hard top for ROW or NAS $699

    That is a good deal... Will if fit on an NAS 90ST? How long does it get to Boston + 10 Miles from Atlanta? :)
  6. WoldD90

    New Size Small LR Fleece Hoodie

    Kid size or wife size?
  7. WoldD90

    NAS 90 Roof Basket & Ladder

    Thanks! I will do some research and let you know.
  8. WoldD90

    NAS 90 Roof Basket & Ladder

    It looks like a nice copy. I wonder what the shipping would be, any ideas?
  9. WoldD90

    That Rear Step Thing

    I have one on my 98 D1... I am going to part out the 1998 Gold Disco 1 LSE
  10. WoldD90

    Tire Gash - repairable?

    You could use it a spare or second spare. But, not on the road.
  11. WoldD90

    Non-Rover - John Deere "Power Wheels" "Peg Perego"

    Free, Free, Free... It's not perfect, but it runs and the kids love it. Needs a battery. Alpharetta, GA or reasonable distance.
  12. WoldD90

    100" Hybrid Project - $9000 OBO

    Winn bought it from England and had shipped over a long time ago. He ran every trail in the SouthEast. There was some rot on the old frame. I bought it, did a bunch of work, sold it, then bought it back, and have slowly worked on it. A few years ago, I thought about selling my 90, but my kids...
  13. WoldD90

    100" Hybrid Project - $9000 OBO

    I am looking to sell my 100" Hybrid Project. I don't have time for another project. Please DM, email or text. 3.5 Motor with Polished and Ported LT95 with Granny gear and Overdrive SG 3 Link Heim Joints in the back RRC Classic Frame The tub is set, and in great shape LH Bulkhead is mounted...
  14. WoldD90

    D90 Sliders w/ Treebars

    I talk to him regularly... I find out the timeline.
  15. WoldD90

    Got my 2021 Defenders!

    Does it leak oil?
  16. WoldD90

    Is Joel (Crown14) ok?

    He looks better as a women... Not that there is any problem with it... :=)
  17. WoldD90

    Is Joel (Crown14) ok?

    Could he be on vacation?