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  1. Frobisher

    Congratulations Z.G!

    Awesome! Best wishes together!
  2. Frobisher

    Free to a good home thread

    No problem. Thanks for offering them up.
  3. Frobisher

    Free to a good home thread

    Would these be a good upgrade for a Series 3? I'm going to be starting a frame-up build this summer, and having bright lamps would be a nice way to finish. If that's the case, I'd be happy to take them. Let me know the details you need. Thanks!
  4. Frobisher

    New Defenders starting to show up at dealers

    I've seen quite a few in Pittsburgh's South Hills. Some are plain, some are tricked out with the roof rack and pollen sacks on the side, but nobody waves at me in my D1.
  5. Frobisher

    I've had enough of this crap.

    I think I just left skid marks.
  6. Frobisher

    What's your day job?

    I’m a middle school Science teacher, so cat herding and chicken scratch decoding are my unique set of skills.
  7. Frobisher

    Border to Border ... along the Border

    Wow! That’s a tremendous read. Thanks for putting it all together for those of us might not make it out there.
  8. Frobisher

    NAS-ROW Update

    Stickers made it to Pittsburgh. Thanks for the fun piece of history!
  9. Frobisher

    The Best Damn Camping Gear & Deals

    I must agree that the Bialetti moka pot should be on the best gear list as well. There’s something brewing about brewing with it that is just ever so much more so. I keep a kit in my truck so I can make a brew at any we’re out riding, climbing, or camping. With a Snow Peak Giga stove and 4...
  10. Frobisher

    The Very Best Thread

    Icebreaker's merino wool T shirt totally fits this bill. I've used one for several years as a base layer for hiking, climbing, hanging around, just about anything, and I've even washed it a few times. Not that it needs it hardly ever... It simply doesn't pick up odors like synthetics, and it...
  11. Frobisher

    NAS-ROW Update

    Done and thank you! Incoming from calvetti.fam (Greg Calvetti).
  12. Frobisher

    The Land Rover photo thread (original content)

    You have two good helpers there.
  13. Frobisher

    After-market seat heaters?

    That’s a bonus little stash to save. If I didn't have to now replace my front brake calipers and power steering hoses, I’d. make an offer!
  14. Frobisher

    Complete 200TDI drivetrain: Engine Trans Tcase

    I have to say that flange cutout is brilliant! The whole setup for sale sounds like such a great plug and play; I only wish I was ready for that kind of install. Alas, not yet.
  15. Frobisher

    After-market seat heaters?

    Right. I guess that’s actually what I meant. A cover definitely keeps it easy.
  16. Frobisher

    After-market seat heaters?

    Hi all, I’m looking to warm up the ride in my 95 Disco, so do you have any recommendations on seat heaters/warmers to install? My Disco has holes for the switches under the window switch cover, but that’s where it ends. I’ll be wiring them in myself, so I’m looking for something that will...
  17. Frobisher

    Who Else Here Hates The USPS?

    Overall, I have to agree with this. Despite its inconsistencies, it's a good though frustrating system. Priority Mail does seem to work very well overall. It's the occasional missing/delayed/re-routed mail that creates the bad image. In the end, we all drive trucks that are known for some...
  18. Frobisher

    Who Else Here Hates The USPS?

    Man, I hear that. I had a package arrive at our facility in Pittsburgh after a 4 week delay from the shipper. Next day, it was in Iowa. I kid you not.
  19. Frobisher

    Netflix Recommendations?

    We've been watching Fringe on Amazon Prime. It was on network TV 10 years ago, but we were busy raising kids. It's a J.J. Abrams gig like Lost, etc, and it's really good. Lots of details to pay attention to over 5 seasons.
  20. Frobisher

    What have you done today to your LAND ROVER (Non Defender)

    I swapped out the original transmission cooler on my 95 Disco. Who would have thought two 24mm flare nuts would take so many tools? Some appropriate, some not so...