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  1. pmatusov

    Border to Border ... along the Border

    Wikipedia on graphomania: "Outside the psychiatric definitions of graphomania and related conditions, the word is used more broadly to label the urge and need to write excessively, professionally or not." I just have to get it out of the way. Guilty as charged...
  2. pmatusov

    110 or LWB RRC frame

    Looking for a frame - either long wheelbase Classic or 110. It doesn't have to be super-nice, but without a need for rust patching. If you have a rolling chassis - even better.
  3. pmatusov

    [Almost trail-side] starter rebuild

    Keeping up the tradition. Out of my 100-pound trail spares box, at least 10 pounds are taken up by the starter. Not that 10 lbs are going to break the camel's back, but ... If you are like me, have you tested your spare starter motor? How do you know it's any good? Especially since all of them...
  4. pmatusov

    Rebuilding an alternator

    This is a half-rant, half-write-up on the sore subject - how to get a working alternator when you need it. It directly applies to serpentine-belt 14CUX and GEMS engines, but I suspect ROW 300TDi and others are not much different, generally. Bear with me. If you're like me, every corner of your...
  5. pmatusov

    1.4 High Range LT230

    what it says... Time to upgrade my Classic.
  6. pmatusov

    On the twisted keys and STC1220

    If you bought your truck with the factory keyfobs and you're like me, you keep your original keyfobs in a working condition. But... out of seven Land Rovers I ever owned, only two had working remotes. That leaves several relying on old trusty door keys to keep the riffraff out and legitimate...
  7. pmatusov

    Death Valley on a tank of gas

    You folks should be familiar with this particular drunken state when we start making travel plans. Last time we've achieved this state rather quickly, right after we completed the Rubicon trail. We were too tired to even contemplate going out for dinner, so we gravitated to the patio of a motel...
  8. pmatusov

    Life in The (very) Slow Lane

    Something like preface: the whole thing is a little silly. Rubicon is a nice and perfectly drivable trail, with two lockers and at least 33" tires. The taller the tires, the merrier. But... it's been about 12 years since I had a locker in any of my trucks, and I've had it with large tires. It's...
  9. pmatusov

    GM Power Steering Pump conversion

    for D1, late Classics, and likely NAS 90/110 with serpentine belt: