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    LOF HD rear half shafts?

    Following up on these.... Was anyone able to confirm that they would work with a Disco1 and if they are good enough to use with ARB's?
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    Parts clean out

    PM'd you on one of the crossmembers
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    How hot is too hot on the stock gauge

    My '95 NAS V8 sits in that same spot when on the highway, hot days, and with A/C running. Same gauge. Been like that for the 12 years I've had it.
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    Offset Track Rod

    Gotcha, I ordered one about 8 months ago from EE and it arrived shortly after. Hopefully they get more from Rockware.
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    Offset Track Rod
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    Quarantined Parts Special

    Ok, let me know
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    Quarantined Parts Special

    I'll take the drop arm, shipped to 07456. Thanks! - Frank
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    Trails near Greenwood lake NY?

    I live in that general area - no legal trails.
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    200/300Tdi ADVANCED TUNING

    Yes, that's the one
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    200/300Tdi ADVANCED TUNING

    I've only played around with the pump on mine and everything else is factory at this point. I ended up with the diaphragm turned clockwise 45 degrees, starwheel turned about 2/3 of a turn clockwise, and 1.25 turns clockwise on the off idle screw. EGT's came down about 50 degrees on average...
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    200/300Tdi ADVANCED TUNING

    Same experience here - better power & mileage with lower EGT's after some mild tuning. Key word being mild.