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    Project Stella Rose - Cummins R2.8

    Nice work. Was the Puma hood fitted to provide clearance for the engine or mostly for aesthetics? The roll cage looks great too. Are you putting in a interior hoop for the cage behind the back seats?
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    LR Dogs

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    What's your day job?

    Good luck with the degree. I’m president of a small GIS consulting and software development firm that specializes in mobile and web mapping app development for the petroleum and utility industries. I was also an adjunct professor for several years at a local university teaching a GIS programming...
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    New Defenders starting to show up at dealers

    I'm starting to see several in my neighborhood. It seems to me like it's mostly people trading in a Range Rover or Disco getting them. I wonder if its attracting new buyers to the brand just people that would have otherwise bought a Land Rover product anyway?
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    Rear Door

    Bump $150 + shipping
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    2020 Defender Accessories Thread

    Another consideration is resale value. The Toyota and Jeep will both do well, the Toyota probably a little better than the Jeep. Who knows what the new Defender will do. I suspect it won't be great based on JLR's current models but you never know. I few years ago I semi-retired my NAS Defender...
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    K&N Air Filter - Free

    For NAS 3.9 V8 but may fit others. Its about 10 years old and 30k miles. I decided to go back to paper, but this can be cleaned and reused. Pick up in Dallas or you pay shipping.
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    X2 on new wheels. I ran 33” SSRs on aftermarket steel wheels with no rubbing at all for the last 15 years. I recently switched back to factory alloys 16x7 with 285s and while the tires mounted fine, I had a lot more rubbing with the 285s on the radius arms than I expected even though they are...
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    Tub side sound dampening

    I researched spray on sound deadeners and they all need to covered with some sort of mat or carpet if you are going to carry heavy stuff in back. Its a softer compound than a bed liner type material and won't take much abuse. You can apply a bed liner or paint on top of spray on deadener after...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    No joke. Its the small things that add up. At least with COVID I had a lot more time at home this spring to work on it.
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    We'll see. Compared to the tattered Tickford I had on there, this is pure heaven.
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    Here’s the final build. I also got the original LR alloys out of storage and put some less aggressive tires on. I’m very happy driving it so far. The top is a huge improvement over the LR fiberglass top in terms of comfort and noise level. Its durable, easy to remove, and only required 4 holes...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    The paint on my truck is in fair condition. At some point I’d like to get a few dings removed and have it professionally resprayed, but for now I figured I’d save a few bucks a do the paint myself. I’ve restored a couple of vintage bikes and have a decent HVLP spray gun so I’m not a complete...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    I had a headliner to install and after test fitting, I decided against using it. I was going to have to cut the rear section to fit around the lift gate brackets. Now I know why the original POE trucks only had the front headliner section installed. I also did not want to have to reinstall and...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    After much deliberation, I was not entirely comfortable without an interior roll cage. Rather than fit the SD interior hoop, I had a custom cage piece made that ties into the lower ST cage and the external cage pieces using the SD internal hoop brackets. I have a friend with a off road shop that...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    I was able to get a mostly complete Series liftgate set up that was only missing the glass and the gas struts. I got some struts and strut mounting hardware from McMaster-Carr and drilled the top to test fit everything.
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    Once the top was in place and aligned, I installed the front portion of the Safety Devices SW cage and drilled the roof panel. The original POE trucks retained the ST front cage hoop and they just added a curved end piece to attach the cage to the top. The ST front cage is a bit shorter than the...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    In the front, no modifications were needed. I just removed the machine screws holding the ST header bar and replaced them with hex head bolts of the same size. These will bolt into the exiting rivnuts in the windshield frame. To make installation and removal a little easier it’s a good idea to...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    The last mounting point is in the center of the roof sides. The tub capping had an exiting slot shaped hole with a square opening beneath to add a nut plate. Unfortunately, it did not alight perfectly with the existing hole for the bracket in the top. I drilled another hole in the top and cut a...
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    NAS ST to POE Conversion

    The rear corners next to tailgate were also easy to mount. With the speakers removed a hole was drilled in the capping and the stock LR brackets used.