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  1. Devildog01

    Only an Idiot...

    Good thing she doesn't live in New Jersey. She'd be in jail rite now for attempted murder.
  2. Devildog01

    The LS Engine Swap Section

    That's awesome. I need to start looking for an ls.
  3. Devildog01

    Laser sight for Glock 23

    Not sure where to put the laser on this thing.
  4. Devildog01

    Oh, The Places You'll Go!

    I hit a pebble.
  5. Devildog01

    Want a 6x6...

    Frank will only buy it if it can fit 37" creepy's under it.
  6. Devildog01

    Tire Chains

    That reminds me, I still have some pie left over from thanksgiving. Thanks Chris.
  7. Devildog01

    Uwharrie national forest dec. 9-11

    I may have to make the trip for round deuce.
  8. Devildog01

    1988 AM General Hummer - $15000

    The last thing that guy heard was thud,thud,thud.
  9. Devildog01

    Rubber or poly?

    Amazingly enough my 7100's don't click. The johnny joints on my 3 link are a different story.
  10. Devildog01

    Rubber or poly?

    I kind of like the clicking noise.
  11. Devildog01


    I think not.
  12. Devildog01

    Lucky 8 Black Friday Weekend 2016

    Good move. L8 supports the community and takes care of rover folks.
  13. Devildog01

    Holiday Food Traditions

    Here's a quick guide to the best Thanksgiving ever. Step 1. Go to McDonald's and get the Big Mac meal Step 2. Wash down with copious amounts of your favorite alcoholic beverage Step 3. Watch tv on your couch peacefully and without interruption Step 4. Repeat step 2 Step 5. Search Craigslist...
  14. Devildog01

    Ghetto Fab

    It would be nice to get that stuff they put on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
  15. Devildog01


    It's really sad that this is considered a downside.
  16. Devildog01

    Welcome to NAS-ROW

    I'm here. Let's get this party started.