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  1. Tomaco1

    Anyone tried these t-posts on a build?
  2. Tomaco1

    Center cubby

    $125 plus shipping obo decent shape, no key, 2 small holes where the seat heater switched were.
  3. Tomaco1

    Cubby/center console

    Anyone have one like this they want to sell, color doesn’t have to be the same. Anything but diamond pattern
  4. Tomaco1

    Contact info for Mad scientist

    Mad scientist has been off the site since June, just after he posted a set of cubby boxes. I‘m trying to see if he still has one. Anyone have a contact for him? Or maybe you could just let him know. Thanks
  5. Tomaco1

    Clutch spring upgrade saw this on a UK site, looks kind of interesting. Wondering if anyone on here has given it a try?
  6. Tomaco1

    Got my 2021 Defenders!

    No waiting and priced right, comparatively!
  7. Tomaco1

    I’d be pissed if I was on that waiting list!
  8. Tomaco1

    Fair price for a 200tdi block and timing case covers

    Block, timing case covers, Injection pump, I have been holding on to this stuff incase I ever needed a replacement, but since I do like 4000 miles a year and will eventually go the Cummins route I may let it go. Forum member is interested. So wondering what a fair price would be? To see if it’s...
  9. Tomaco1

    Loss of storage sale/fire/Covid

    Losing a bunch of space due to Covid changes At school/work Td5 rad overflow $25 Td5 fuel sender. $25 200tdi turbo- rebuild and used for 20k, removed for a variable pane. $250 2 clutch pedal towers $25 each 200tdi vacuum pumps $25 each euro trailer setup that came on my 1999ish TD5 Rad...
  10. Tomaco1

    Roll cage bulkhead mount

    Anyone have a set of these laying around? I just need the head, so a rusted out old pair Would work.
  11. Tomaco1

    110 200tdi stainless exhaust options

    under my truck today I noticed some issues with my down pipe, where it bolts to the side of the block. Figured it’s going to go sooner than later, so started looking and found the proline stainless that RN sells. Was wondering if anyone has tried one yet? Also wondering about performance...
  12. Tomaco1

    Best fan relay for a 200tdi electric fan (CONCLUSION)

    My other thread got locked down, but I figured I’d just post my outcome. As I was waiting for the new sender to show up I read the install information again and realized I may have screwed up by using a small amount of Teflon tape on the sender. Took it off and made it real tight and all seems...
  13. Tomaco1

    Best fan relay for a 200tdi electric fan

    Which would be better? On at 195, off at 175 degrees or On at 185, off at 165 degrees
  14. Tomaco1

    Defender 200tdi thermostat housing

    Anyone have a 200tdi Defender thermostat housing laying around? Thanks
  15. Tomaco1

    Upper inter cooler hose defender 200tdi

    It’s a bit scratched up but works perfectly with no dents. $25
  16. Tomaco1

    Power steering box steering column spline cutout?

    So I ordered a power steering box from the guys who now sell the meridian ones. I used the same model number that I ordered 8 years ago, and the picture on the website show the shaft with the flat spot for the tightening bolt to pass through. I received the one with the shaft cut out for the...
  17. Tomaco1

    1.2 vs 1.4 in a 200tdi 110

    After reading through the Cummins thread I started thinking about swapping my 1.4 for a 1.2 hoping to give myself more drivability on the road. I already have the R380 stumpy with higher 5th, 255/85/16 tires and will probably someday do the Cummins swap so I figured why not get the 1.2 now...
  18. Tomaco1

    110 spring confusion

    Ok, so I have 2 sets of springs for my 110 rear. it seems on the left side of the pic are: (752s) are for a 25mm lift. Medium duty lift And on the right side of the pic is: (755s) are for a 50mm lift. Heavy duty lift it didn’t seem to change the height of the truck, so I was just a bit...
  19. Tomaco1

    Bonnet check

    Anyone have one of these laying around?
  20. Tomaco1

    Random Sh/t

    Free picked up on LI. $50 bucks shipped Most 200tdi related Also have a TD5 fuel pump/sender $50 shipped.