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  1. WK2Burner

    Polish Landy Builder

    this popped up on my news feed this morning. I wonder how this is possible as I would assume it's a licensing nightmare. Is there value in a clone that is spec built with a warranty. Bring your own Vin...
  2. WK2Burner

    FrontRunner Drawer

    how about some 13/16 unistrut? not sure if it would be too tall or not but I think you can get it galvanized or just coat it yourself. grew up in a family of electricians, so always had plenty on hand for stuff.
  3. WK2Burner

    Towing a 110 on a Rental Trailer

    my buddy just moved his 90 from PA to ME on a dual axle uhaul trailer this weekend. as said, tire nets barely fit, and his tundra was a dog, but the trailer was fine. I assume a 110 would still fit without issues. good luck
  4. WK2Burner

    Ebay Deals

    when you login or open the app, the cash back deal should show up on the banner. it will have an active button.
  5. WK2Burner

    Ebay Deals

    8% cash back until the 24th. Orders must be over $25, runs until the 24th. Must activate to get cash back.
  6. WK2Burner

    Hard Top Rubber Buffers - Where to get reasonably?

    Joe from SHP hooked me up. Great price, had the 4 i needed in stock. Thanks SHP.
  7. WK2Burner

    Hard Top Rubber Buffers - Where to get reasonably?

    Anyone know where to get the rubber buffers for the hard top? LRDirect makes you buy 10 @ $5.75 ea, I assume I need 4. Found them CONUS, but 4 is almost the same cost at 10 from LRD. Thanks. PN 338550
  8. WK2Burner

    Defender rear clunk- going after it

    Why would someone choose the adjustable option? Is the ultra adjustable, 45 degee, and greasable? thanks
  9. WK2Burner

    Right Rear Hard Brakeline for a 90

    Anyone have a 90 rear axle w/ drum brakes sitting in the scrap bin with the hard lines still attached? Removed a DIY lift kit from my 90 that the PO left for me, and accidentally smashed up the right side brake line. Swapping in a Disco axle soon, so wont need it for long, but dont have the...
  10. WK2Burner

    Rear Harness Unknown wires

    much appreciated. ill trace it back then on the schematic, should at least mean a spare switched 12v lead.
  11. WK2Burner

    Rear Harness Unknown wires

    Anyone know off hand what the white/slate and white/purple wires in the rear harness of my '91 90 are? Color codes are confusing, one at least being some aux fuel tank/pump or related.
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    nice, helps cover down on the adapter costs a bit.
  13. WK2Burner

    smooth instead of chequer for wings/quarter protectors?

    will be pulling my chequer in the next few weeks. hit me if interested, I'll post in the FS section when it's all removed. 7 full pieces, should be ding and dent free. installed just prior to shipping to the states, never saw a day of inclement weather. maybe $175 + ship
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    saw a super clean NAS 90 and an Arkonic built 90 on the way to work. two different owners, just happened to be getting service at the same time. Both extremely nice. Southeast, PA
  15. WK2Burner

    Cubby identification

    I'll assume that it's custom. Makes the tuffy much more attractive asan option for me. could put the bench bender to use I guess.
  16. WK2Burner

    Tub re-assembly

    finally some decent weather to paint today. frame/crossmember is done and at least got some primer and paint on it until I decide to ever fully strip the it completely. it came out well and is pretty beefy compared to the original which was pretty bent up. it's nice to be able to drill and tap...
  17. WK2Burner

    Small Assortment of used and new

    stainless hardware sold
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    Our prayers are with you Ben. Stay positive, you'll figure it out.
  19. WK2Burner

    Name that "money well spent" item you bought for your defender

    curious to know what your favorite thing you bought for your defender was? big or small, cheap or expensive, same either way. could also be that thing you bought that made the most difference/impact or what you can't live without. (im sure this will take a few people back some years) too early...
  20. WK2Burner

    Small Assortment of used and new

    Hellas are hella gone.