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  1. dcg

    See where they rust...

    What descriptor is used when patina no longer fits? Yeash...
  2. dcg

    Upper Link / A-Arm Reassembly

    Soon I will be at the stage of reinstalling the upper links and chassis brackets. The 110 is in one piece, so I don't have access from the top of the frame. Is it easier to: 1) Install the chassis brackets to the frame first, then install the upper links? or 2) Attach the upper links to...
  3. dcg

    WNTD: "County Brown" center front seat for early 110

    Let me know if you have a decent "County Brown" center front seat for an early 110 that you would like to part with.
  4. dcg

    WNTD: NRC7284 Fuel Pump Mounting Plate (early 110)

    Looking for an external fuel pump mounting plate (#1 in the attached image) for my early 110 SW. Part number NRC7284. If good bits are attached, I'll take those too. I'm open to making a copy if you have one laying around but don't want to part with it.
  5. dcg

    RRC 3-Spoke Set (4) Take off - near new

    Range Rover classic three spoke set of four rims. -Like new. Three of the rims were in LR boxes for 25 years. -Very little use or damage. -Alpine white / silver lip The story goes that a ‘93 LWB was delivered new with these rims and the owner wanted the five spokes. The dealership ordered and...