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  1. RBBailey

    Off Topic: X5 Wheel Won't Come Off!

    So once again, I'm changing suspension air bags. Did it on the 2003 Mercedes, and now on the 2015 X5. I hope the X5 is a little less frustrating of a logic puzzle to get the new bag in place, but I can't tell because I can't even get the stupid wheel off. (I've come to the conclusion that if you...
  2. RBBailey

    What have you done today to your LAND ROVER (Non Defender)

    Pulled out the bits to start rebuilding the hard top on the Series. I’ll need to do some refurb on it first, but it makes me excited for taking it on a mountain camping trip this December.
  3. RBBailey

    Where is that thread?

    Yes! Thanks
  4. RBBailey

    Where is that thread?

    The one about switching the rear bench seat to bucket/high back seats? I thought I had emails about it, photos, and I thought for sure that thread was active just a week or two ago, but I can't find it. Thanks.
  5. RBBailey

    Odd Starting Issue: '98 4.0 Disco I

    The fuel pump replacement certainly fixed the odd starting issue. In fact, I drove it today after having it sit for a week, and it started instantly. I’m pretty sure it also fixed the misfire issue. The light came on the day after we got it running, but I reset it one last time... and it has...
  6. RBBailey

    FS: 1988 LHD 110 300Tdi R380

    And there she goes off on a new set of adventures! I had a few other buyers lined up, probably would have gone later this week if not to this Rover family, but I’m super happy to pass it on to them to use with the kids and to keep it local.
  7. RBBailey

    FS: 1988 LHD 110 300Tdi R380

    Sale pending!
  8. RBBailey

    Gearing/Speed/RPM Questions 300tdi

    I can easily go 65 in mine on flat. It likes to go 60. But it hates going 70.
  9. RBBailey

    Installing a Holley Sniper on a 3.5 v8

    Exactly. I'm looking at my '95 Classic, and I'm scared of all the computer modules that could go bad on it at any moment (like my driver's seat adjust) and there just isn't any easy way to repair/fix them. I just want it to run.
  10. RBBailey

    Installing a Holley Sniper on a 3.5 v8

    I'm tempted to try this on a 4.2 that I have in the garage. It seems like several in this thread have something up and working, maybe not the exact same thing, but some variation of throwing the Rover injection system in the trash and getting on with life. Does anyone have any report they can...
  11. RBBailey

    Painting Rear Galvanized Crossmember

    I painted mine. I wanted the galvanized look for the Series, the more updated look for the Defender. I just lightly sanded it and cleaned it with brake parts cleaner, then used some satin or semigloss Duplicolor. I believe I brushed it on, but can’t remember. It still looks good after five years...
  12. RBBailey

    WANTED: Range Rover Classic LWB

    Interesting. Would love to see pics when you get it.
  13. RBBailey

    Craigslist Finds

    I can’t. I just.... I mean, I could, but........
  14. RBBailey

    FS: 1988 LHD 110 300Tdi R380

    Still for sale. If the current lookers take a pass, I'll go list it in a few other places to see what happens. Thanks for the feedback! If anyone wants to look at it, even if you are looking for someone else, let me know. Once we are out of evacuation orders, I should be able to show it most days!
  15. RBBailey

    1989 Defender 110 For Sale

    Seems like a good deal. Even with the "rust". I just did a bit of detailed research on the vehicles I could find on Craigslist around the country, and those that had sold on BringATrailer over the last year. Not the LS conversions or rebuilt ones, but those that are comparable to yours and mine...
  16. RBBailey

    Ethanol Treatments

    ^ Yes! That's exactly where I was going next! Love that channel.
  17. RBBailey

    Ethanol Treatments

    I get the issue with clogged exhaust. And lots of people talk about the seals and ethanol. Which should be OK in modern stuff. But there’s a reason they have FlexFuel ratings on some cars....
  18. RBBailey

    Ethanol Treatments

    I suppose getting a few gallons of the clear stuff is worth the price. I’m also going to use the stuff Stihl sells on occasion.
  19. RBBailey

    Ethanol Treatments

    Anyone know of any out there that don’t off-set the cost so much that I should just pay the $5 per gallon for ethanol free gas? I’m looking mainly for the power tools, but would want to treat the V8 Rovers once in a while as well.