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  1. 4RF RDS

    Defender Black Leather dash cover & leather gauge cover

    I have these brand new JF Custom leather skins for a Defender dash pad and gauge cluster. LHD black leather black stitching. They are surplus to my needs. Requires gluing onto your dash. Buyer pays shipping should be about $20 Con US or Canada. $250 Cdn (that’s like $150 USD 😁). located...
  2. 4RF RDS

    New Defender.

    Revealed. Like it or not apparently here’s what it is.
  3. 4RF RDS

    Range Rover L322 various parts for sale

    I have a few Mk III Range Rover parts taking up space in my garage which are surplus to my needs. 1- right hand side front air strut (new in box). $200 2- rear air bags brand new never used $200 1- used fully functional steering column $150 1- used gauge cluster (03-05) LCD screen workingwhen...
  4. 4RF RDS

    200 Tdi Ac compressor bracket

    Anyone installed AC onto their 200 Tdi? If so I am looking for ideas on how to install a compressor before I go ahead and fab up a bracket/ mount. I am helping a friend install this on his Ex MOD 90. Any information which can be shared would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. 4RF RDS

    AC question...

    I have a Land Rover underdash AC unit in my Td5 110 (it came from the factory this way). It has worked great for the last three years but this summer it freezes up every time I drive it. It freezes the lines from the compressor to the evaporator. Have been driving using it by turning it off...
  6. 4RF RDS

    Heated winscreen switch

    New, never used now surplus to my needs. $20. Fits Defrnder Td5 dash.
  7. 4RF RDS

    CTX :: 2000 Land Rover 110 ROW CSW

    CTX :: 2000 Land Rover 110 ROW CSW (2016-11-19 20:06:52)