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    Diesel Treatment?

    Only issue with B100 in my experience is that it can swell seals and cause leaks On older high mileage engines. Happy my experiences with bio fuel are not isolated. Good stuff! And yah mine smelled of fresh made fries 🍟 :LOL:.
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    Diesel Treatment?

    If you can but B20 in it every once in a while. It cleans and quiets the Tdi. I only put Diesel treatment in mine in winter. I ran it on B20 all the time for a couple years until the station closed up. It really ranbetter with bio fuel.
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    What's For Dinner Tonight While Housebound?

    Use egg yokes only no whites, and add semolina fine corn meal to the flour as well about 1/8th of the flour qty. Imalso use tipo flour 00 but regular flour will work as well. This was hand rolled and it turned out just great. Good luck
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    What's For Dinner Tonight While Housebound?

    Last night was lobster ravioli in a cream sauce with a nice Super Tuscan 2007. 😋
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    Door top seal install

    Agree I had Wolf MoD door tops (basically the same as the NAS style) on mine and the seals were like the series ones and were pop riveted in place.
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    Heater resistor

    It actually replaces the resistor and fan control switch. It is nit linked to the cable ta all. you just open it and leave it Tucked behind the gauges. You can install a choke cable pull and hook it up to that cable if you like. I did not. Never had any issues on or off road including...
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    Heater resistor

    One of the best mods I have done to mine. Finger tip control and variable speed just like a normal car (y)
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    WTB: Defender front wheel well / fender liner

    FWIW you can buy new plastic inner fender covers which replaced the steel galvie ones ones. These were for the Tdci models after 2007. They fit the same way. RH LR053803 and LH ...04
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    What have you done today to your Land Rover

    Any guesses :ROFLMAO::cautious:
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    Window locks?

    These original window locks secure to the top of the door frame with two screws no cutting just drill and screw em on. 👍🏻
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    5 best upgrades you have done to your defender

    In no particular order... 1- Global Roamerdrive 2- Heated windscreen 3- Heated seats 4- Slickshift its just more civilized for a daily driver 5- Proper sound deadening and insulation throughout and... 👇 6- The Landrezieger digital, infinitely variable blower fan speed control switch
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    Parts for sale

    What are the door panels, genuine or Britpart?
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    TD5 ABS Retrofit

    I have a Td5 with TC and ABS. Its great. I have only got the amigos when something is actually wrong, like a sensor dies...
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    1.2 vs 1.4 in a 200tdi 110

    I drove my 300 Tdi Powered Series III 88 with an LT77 and 1:2 for about 15 years. No issues. Yes its was slow off the start but you said you did mostly road driving. I put a boost pin in the 300 Tdi and that changed everything. Drivability was massively improved Low end power improved...
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    VDO Heater Blower Motor Replacement

    Excellent write up, well done. (y) If you are interested there is a really nice digital, infinitely variable fan speed switch from the Netherlands which can be fitted to any Defender. I have one and it is great. Highly recommend it.
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    110 (5-door) side steps, what's out there?

    I picked up these steps from Amazon. Just drilled holes in the step and then drilled and tapped holes on the back side of my sliders. They bolt straight up and I remove them when off roading. Super strong and durable for $100. Of course would only work if you have sliders. Good luck in...
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    Downtime today

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    Petition to convert this sub-forum to Series (pre 1983) Land Rovers

    Absolutely, having owned many Land Rover models throughout my life... Why not? After all a Series is just an older Defender. They just called them NADA, CKDs, and ROW back then.
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    How do you install a Boost wheel on a ROW rear door spare tire mount?

    As listed above, use a steel wheel nut. Also get a swing away carrier it’ll save your door and hinge mounting points. good luck
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    Little D(efender)

    If they produce a four door and bring it to North America I’m in... though the $7K extra for the cool bling look is kinda pricey.