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  1. chris snell

    2019 Maple syrup

  2. chris snell

    Paging Robert Davis

    Easy to clean and you're not installing new filters to clean it. It's catching a ton of crap and water.
  3. chris snell

    Questions about Santanas

    If you can get people to use the Series section, please do. We can give it a little more life and see what pans out. Generally speaking, NAS-ROW's niche is its technical forums and we try to keep this place more tech-focused than the other site. The biggest complaint I hear about this site is...
  4. chris snell

    Questions about Santanas

    We are not likely to do a Santana section. We tested a Series section but it has not taken off and could be nuked. We don't want to have a lot of ghost towns on this forum and prefer to maintain high traffic to a few forums rather than have a bunch of slow forums for everything.
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    1989 Defender Santana For Sale $23500, OBO

    Guys, take it to another thread and stop polluting OPs for-sale post. This is ridiculous.
  6. chris snell

    El Paso

    Hah, you would hate my trips. I don't think we've ever rolled into camp before 10PM.
  7. chris snell

    El Paso

    I've never driven from El Paso to Guadalajara but I've driven from Brownsville, TX to there. We drove through Ciudad Victoria, San Luis Potosi, and Guadalajara, on our way to Puerto Vallarta. We drove back via Guadalajara, Zacatecas, Saltillo, Monterrey, and Laredo. We had a great time...
  8. chris snell

    Made in USA 12V diesel pumps

    I made a hop from an ignition-switched circuit on my factory fuse panel to an empty terminal on that same terminal using factory crimp terminals. I fused that and used that circuit to switch a relay, which switches a Blue Sea fuse block, which powers my pump and APRS unit.
  9. chris snell

    Any Honda Ruckus Owners Here?

    Several people have ridden them across the country including this guy: I read his story on the Ruckus forum when someone linked it years ago. It's pretty awesome. Looked like a lot of fun.
  10. chris snell

    2019 Maple syrup

    That Processing Grade sounds pretty good.
  11. chris snell


    Good news, I finished my X-Brake install tonight. I got sick of waiting for the X-Brake people to respond and just went for it. The bumper sticker version: yes, you can definitely loosen the Torx bolt on the lever arm and rotate the arm about the splines to adjust the start-of-throw position...
  12. chris snell

    2019 Maple syrup

    Yes!!! My yogurt has been lonely. Yes, I want some. I'm thinking 3-4 pints.
  13. chris snell


    Has anybody with the new style brake successfully moved the lever arm to a different spline to adjust the position of the arm? Like @Napalm00 mentioned, the cable is indeed too short but the instructions mention rotating the lever arm on the splines to account for this. It's fairly...
  14. chris snell


    The cold storage device/stick may be secure, but if you're plugging that into a compromised workstation and accessing it, all bets are off.
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    I'm not even talking about understanding the market or how blockchain works--I'm just talking about the systems and network security required to protect it. It's like buying gold bars and keeping them in your car's cupholders.
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    I'm shocked that people still want to put money into Bitcoin, given how many exchanges have been stolen from and how technical it is to keep it safely in your possession.
  17. chris snell

    Portsmouth Island 6.0

    Neat. I will be en route to PA that weekend. Hope to make it next year. I love beach camping. Pro tip for beach camping: use baby powder on your legs and feet to get the sand off before you go in your tent. Takes it right off.
  18. chris snell

    Photography Class

    It's too bad that these lenses don't have a manual aperture adjustment. I have this lens and would love to use it on my Leica.
  19. chris snell

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    Looks like he posted them on the wrong site.