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  1. Tbaumer

    MudUK seat rails

    The Dro messaged at 3:07. Sold pending payment. You are second in line Adam.
  2. Tbaumer

    MudUK seat rails

    No longer needed. I had these installed & improved my leg room, but I'm 6'3" & lost a bit of head room (About 1.75"). Built a new lower seat box & my new seats do not need these rails. Misplaced a few allen bolts. The sizes used are 50mm for the front of the rails, 25mm inside wide end of...
  3. Tbaumer

    Spy Shot Of Defender? Dec. 1

    I think Projekt Grenadier sounds the most promising as the "New Defender".
  4. Tbaumer

    Stuck 200tdi Injector Pump

    Thanks for the help Red90 & terryjm1. Ordered the timing tool kit. The range of pricing for this IP is crazy! $553.92 plus shipping for refurbished. New from $876.00 plus shipping to $4,153.33 o_O (no joke). I also have a used IP from another 200tdi engine on a stand... Nah, I'll order new &...
  5. Tbaumer

    Stuck 200tdi Injector Pump

    Already have new timing belt & tensioner installed by UD. I have the manual & scanned timing instructions. I'll have them memorized before I get the new IP. Any advise on best place to order from?
  6. Tbaumer

    Stuck 200tdi Injector Pump

    I was afraid of that. Everything seemed positive when I saw the intermittent small spurts of fuel in all four clear hoses appearing equal when I cranked the engine over. Assumed it was more fuel being fed causing the high RPMs. Thinking the speed of the fuel feed to the injectors... I need some...
  7. Tbaumer

    What have you done today to your Land Rover

    Put the winch to the bumper & wired it in. Positive cable protected in red heater hose & secured both cables to the inner wheel well.
  8. Tbaumer

    2.5 NA turd to a 200 tdi swap

    Some day I will finish this swap (and thread) with a last post. I haven't cried "Uncle" yet, but I'm still losing the high RPM battle. So I worked on something else - mounted the air filter canister, shroud & fan. Little victories to get me closer...
  9. Tbaumer

    Stuck 200tdi Injector Pump

    New retaining union screws & washers to attach the spill rail. Bummer part is that it is doing the same as before the new injectors :(. High idle, no throttle control & a bit of a miss. Feel like I'm missing something that would be obvious to a real mechanic. What else, besides a gummed up IP...
  10. Tbaumer

    Stuck 200tdi Injector Pump

    The old injectors were pretty nasty, but only one fought me - I had to soak it in Kroil for an hour to get it to budge. Used an injector puller to avoid damage. Worst one & its port after cleaning in the last pics.
  11. Tbaumer

    Stuck 200tdi Injector Pump

    Connected hoses to check the injection pump fuel response & ensure it is clear of debris. Clean fuel in alternating spurts from all four injector feed tubes. One at a time, I removed each injector & cleaned the port before replacing with new.
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    Spotted this Series yesterday in Medford, Oregon.
  13. Tbaumer

    Questions about Santanas

    I'm fairly new to Land Rover (got my first in October 2015) & not a mechanic by any stretch. I see a lot of resistance from the Land Rover community towards the Santana, primarily because of the matching of non-LR parts with LR parts, making it difficult to identify & obtain parts for repair? If...
  14. Tbaumer

    1989 Defender Santana For Sale $23500, OBO

    While I'm not in the market for another (yet), this truck looks well taken care of. I would be interested in seeing these "differences" or "similarities". More pics would help! GLWS.
  15. Tbaumer

    A Memorial re-power of sorts

    Way to dive all in on your list. It looks like you're going to make it to the lookout tower in June! Happy times ahead with your daughters wedding...bittersweet to be sure. Sorry your wife won't be able to share these moments. The love & inspiration in your family is obvious. What a roller...
  16. Tbaumer

    Stuck 200tdi Injector Pump

    No new info update. I have new injectors ordered because of the misfire during high idle. When I pulled the top off the boost compensator & checked the pin, I am now pretty sure I did not rotate it, as it doesn't spin when I tried to turn it by hand. It makes sense to me that the injection pump...
  17. Tbaumer

    How to post a personal message?

    Having trouble posting a personal message. Looks like I only get an option to start a conversation. It lets me preview the message without an obvious way to send it to the recipient. What am I missing? Went back & tried it again - worked to start a conversation this time. Too quick on the draw...
  18. Tbaumer

    2019 Maple syrup

    Feeling like I better not miss out. Add me to the list for a pint! PM sent.
  19. Tbaumer

    TDI Christmas

    Now THAT'S an understatement! Your post is my new "To do" list, except without Uncle Doug's local help, it's going to take me like...ten years! Your description of how it performs is exactly what I'm shooting for. I think this means there really is a finish line. That's encouraging :)!
  20. Tbaumer

    Scale Model

    Did I just spend more time admiring a model than I've spent looking at real build threads? Crazy cool detail.