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  1. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    Just a quick update having put just over 200 miles on the KM3 tire. All road miles, 100%dry. Remember that they replaced very old original KM tires. The standout feature of on road usage is the quietness of these tires. I swear the iPhone app is recording a decibel or so drop in sound. I can...
  2. rocky

    Questions about Santanas

    I try to post technical type stuff here, goofball stuff there...
  3. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    Put around 30 miles on the truck today. With the new UJs it feels so much better and I swear its quieter. Filled her up, plan on doing lots of driving this weekend.
  4. rocky

    Free to a good home thread

    I have them out, but There is one person ahead of you who I thought was going to put out an RURR request to get them from here (just west of Boston) to his location. I'll nudge him again
  5. rocky

    A Memorial re-power of sorts

    Brilliant project for all the right reasons. Congrats to you as your daughter gets married. I hope you'll share a picture or two with us of her special day.
  6. rocky

    1989 Defender Santana For Sale $23500, OBO

    I'm out of popcorn having read the Santana v LR comments. Need a huge amount delivered ASAP.
  7. rocky

    '95 NAS 90 - Special Deal this Week Only..

    You got two more years out of it.
  8. rocky

    1989 Defender Santana For Sale $23500, OBO

    Santana's are hard to value and if EBay is a any guidance, hard to sell. Console yourself if she is heading to College for her freshman year, many Colleges don't let Freshman have cars on Campus. Mine had access to one only because his older brother was a senior at the same school. Second born...
  9. rocky

    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    See the black thing to the right of this ring: . Punch out the middle. its threaded for the tie downs.
  10. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    Well just picked up Nigel from BDR. It's definitely lifted to a more hamstring friendly height with the new suspension. More supple than before. Tires are quieter. Not enough miles yet to say anything more. Confirmed one more wear problem. The UJs are shot......
  11. rocky

    WTB Front Window Channels

    Did some digging as well. Not seeing them listed on parts manual in door or window. My Rover powers are weak.....
  12. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    It's worth calling them. That's the only way I discovered the KM3 was coming in 255. Its not listed on their site.
  13. rocky

    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    In the D1 and I assume RRC there are four tie down points ready to take the LR tie down ring and M10 bolts. With a little ingenuity these will come in handy. Two on the left and two on the right. Lift up the carpet and padding by the tailgate to see.
  14. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    They do. Tirerack at least lists them including the 255 size-but shows them as closeout......
  15. rocky

    Any Honda Ruckus Owners Here?

    Looks like a cafe racer edition of the Honda Moped. Unbreakable
  16. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    Terrafirma TF202 set up sourced from L8 Springs and shocks choice has changed so much since the first time I swapped out my stock D1 set up for a RN sourced OEM/Biilstein set up. Back then it was personal choice mix and match. second updated set up was RT sourced set up (still on my D1) that I...
  17. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    Excited to get the truck back next week. New springs and tires so far
  18. rocky

    Superwinch ceases operations....

    Dang. Effective February 22, 2019, Superwinch Group, Inc. ceased operations in Portland, OR. However, this is not the end of the Superwinch brand. Westin Automotive Products, Inc., headquartered in San Dimas, CA, is in the process of acquiring specific assets, IP...
  19. rocky

    The LED headlight thread

    I never get flashed on low beam. I credit the euro style headlight design for that.
  20. rocky

    Decisions decisions-tire sizing

    The Old KMs were so toasted at the end, its going to be cruel to compare them to the KM3s. Plus my CV joint/Swivel is damaged creating some vibration I think. Thats going to be rebuilt on the left side. The old parts going into omy trail spare box.