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    Alpine window seal question

    I have to agree with Angus. I had a series top that had one seal with the seam on top and one seal with the seam on the bottom -- guess which one leaked...
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    1993 Range Rover Classic SWB

    So, I haven't done anything with this Range Rover project. It owes me $2,500.00 -- anyone interested?
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    NAS Rear Speaker Surrounds

    Umm Jim, call me Sanford -- I aint ditchin' nuthin'... That being said, anyone need a pair of these who doesn't need brand new ones?
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    NAS Rear Speaker Surrounds

    Cleaning out the garage and I I found a set of rear speaker surrounds that are intact, but have some cracks and missing a few bits along the edges -- I kind of think they are junk. And, because some vendor are making these now, I am guessing I am right bout them basically being junk?
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    RN NAS 90 Radiator Muff for sale

    This Muff is in as new condition -- I had it on my Defender for two weeks one winter, then it got warm again so I removed it. It worked great in very cold weather to help the heat work better. $30 shipped continental US.
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    Sankey-fully galvanized

    I imagine it is in tip top shape -- do you have any pics of it that you can post?
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    FS: 1962 UNIMOG 404

    That was a great Unimog, but his new Series will be amazing when he is done with it, and it is a Land Rover! Chuck
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    1994 Land Rover NAS 90 ST (CDN 43)

    Portofino Red, such a great color! Best of luck with it!!!
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    1992 Defender 90 200tdi

    Well, that question has a very long answer. Where in CT are you? I think it might be a good idea to see if there is a local member here that can look at it with you. If it is close to Northwest CT, I would be willing to to look at it with you.
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    My lightweight is on

    Just listed for auction on Seconddaily -- 1972 Lightweight in great condition. Thanks in advance for checking it out.
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    NAS New Genuine Clutch Master, Fuel Filter & Lucas Coil

    A nice mix of spares to have handy, these are all new items, in their original packaging. Genuine Clutch Master Cylinder STC500100 Genuine Fuel Filter ESR4065 Lucas Coil DLB198 $100.00 plus shipping
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    Galvanized Defender rear mud guard plates FS

    These rear brake mud guards are hot dip galvanized for a long life. $75.00 shipped in continental US
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    Rover Resto Shops Must Be Busy

    As an enthusiast, I would defend Mike and ECR on the fact that they are true enthusiasts and have been for longer than most. I met Mike more than 20 years ago at a Rover event in Vermont -- he and the ECR crew could arguably be one of the first shops that dedicated themselves to high quality...
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    New original parts clutch and pressure plate NAS

    Sorry Uncle Douglas! And sorry to the NAS-ROW crew, I may have confused Uncle Douglas with someone else (my apologies to R.Davis as well, as he is mentioned in this thread). Suffice it to say, I looked through my paypal and cannot determine who I bought it from. If UD doesn't remember, then I am...
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    New original parts clutch and pressure plate NAS

    Pretty certain, although I could be confusing you with RDavis, and if that is the case, I appologize. The clutch was in a Land Rover box and the pressure plate was wrapped in waxed paper -- it was at least 2 years ago if not more.
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    New original parts clutch and pressure plate NAS

    SO, I was holding these for someone who said they wanted them, actually said "my word is bond." And then, you guessed it, they bailed out... I suppose I should have known better when they started throwing around the "bond" bullshit... Anyone need a clutch and pressure plate? Handy to have on...
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    Trades for a 130

    Awe Man, your title got me all excited, thinking you had a 130 to trade. Then you throw out the Flux Capacitor thing -- I already ordered three of those last week...
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    109's for sale. How many would you like ?

    I would like to see some pics of #9 to make an offer. I sent you a text too. Thanks, Chuck