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  1. Jeff B

    What's your day job?

    --- tooth carpenter is my day job, but I am most proud to be my dog's life coach.... .
  2. Jeff B

    Range Rover Classic Rims $300

    seconds on lugnuts... also, will you separate the valve stems? .
  3. Jeff B

    TDI Christmas

    I'm going to look for this 90 at Wintergreen. Sounds great. .
  4. Jeff B

    ANR1534 needed

    How badly was your wheel damaged? Seeing a set of these sell last year for approx $500/ might be worth looking into repair as an option. .
  5. Jeff B

    90 tub

    nice- no leaky/rusty oil pan I think going forward, I will shop for used cars in the southwest... .
  6. Jeff B

    90 tub

    -will do....mine has zero corrosion but it is a little tweaked let's say.... ...and the dually? What is it? .
  7. Jeff B

    Bollinger Motors All Electric - what do people think?

    --- Is this thread GND approved?? .
  8. Jeff B

    90 tub

    What's your definition of repairable? And when did you get a dually? Let me know if you get up this way. .
  9. Jeff B


    Wintergreen Virginia .
  10. Jeff B

    97 Defender and Disco I Shifter Update Parts FS

    No, the Classic strips are much shorter(and square on the ends), only about 90mm long. I already checked... .
  11. Jeff B

    97 Defender and Disco I Shifter Update Parts FS

    looks great... .
  12. Jeff B

    No gears, rolls in park!

    I was there a few weeks ago. He has a field full of parts trucks. Will Tillery - 540-462-7353 .
  13. Jeff B

    No gears, rolls in park!

    It could be the splines on your transmission tailshaft are so far gone that's what you're hearing. But like Uncle Doug said, you're going to change that out (2 minutes=1 bolt) when you swap the transfer cases. .
  14. Jeff B

    Diesel sedimenter $120

    True story! :) .
  15. Jeff B

    Diesel sedimenter $120

    Sedimenter for sale $120 shipped conus Brand new/ never installed .
  16. Jeff B

    Maple Syrup

    Didn't RN stock syrup for a time about ten years ago?? .
  17. Jeff B

    Help on 97 autolock and starting

    On the autos, the solenoid is mounted to the side of the shifter box. The pin just projects in, and prevents the shifter handle from moving. I just happened to slip with a cutting wheel and *removed* the pin. :D Very obvious when you take it apart. These solenoids are notorious for failing on...
  18. Jeff B

    Help on 97 autolock and starting

    Also, when I had my '97 console/auto shifter torn down, I removed that pin from the safety solenoid so I can't get locked in park ever again. poundsignlivingwild .
  19. Jeff B

    RRC ARB Winch Bar

    Nice... .
  20. Jeff B

    RRC- Intermittent no start

    My 91 RRC did this a year ago. Ran fine, just random no start. One time out of fifty. Finally died once while running when I bumped the key. I retrofitted a Carling Off-On-Momentary switch kit from Jason Lavender and it?s been fine ever since. .