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  1. MountainD

    Articles on Completed Swaps

    The cummins Disco was getting in the high teens, correct? It’d be interesting to hear real world mileage— I’m guessing 20 or below based on what I’ve heard so far, but I am interested as the 2.8 is on the table for my next build...but not at those levels. I’m hoping it’s considerably more...
  2. MountainD

    Moving to California..... Smog testing #FML

    Good luck with that...
  3. MountainD

    Pure Unobtanium

    Try John Craddocks— they have good prices...
  4. MountainD

    Wheel bearing advice

    I don't use the paper gaskets anymore--I use rightstuff.
  5. MountainD

    New Defender, 2020

    I bet every one of us are thinking “what if they actually don’t fuck this up” and come out with a cool truck? Seriously, deep down, you feel it. It’d be awesome. Vegas odds on that as of this morning were 1,468,532:1. Put a fiver down. Heck,better odds than Lotto...
  6. MountainD

    Just for fun...

    Soooo nervous for them when they were gunning it on the freeway....steering so sloppy I didn’t know if things were about to go wrong!
  7. MountainD

    Portable Jump Starter Deal

    Mine was 66%charged on arrival, charged up to 100% and transfered to truck. I’ll check in on it from time to time. Keith just tried deal, back down now (not working...)
  8. MountainD

    What type of RTV?

    Ditto. Good for all my oil contact area such as oil sump, axle and transfer case areas.
  9. MountainD

    Portable Jump Starter Deal

    Deal still works, fyi. Just ordered.
  10. MountainD


    That is a symptom of a faulty valve (like my Mitral). Glad you are going to the doc--and I hope they figure out a course of treatment to get you right again! There has been so many advances in heart and circulatory responses that we are in a really good time to figure things out and...
  11. MountainD

    Empty coolant reservoir

    When I had this issue, I didn't have an external clue. I just lost coolant. I didn't have smoke/vapor in the exhaust or mixing with oil either. For me, I had a slipped cylinder and water was getting by the jacket and into the cylinder and was getting burnt away. You can take out your plugs...
  12. MountainD

    Empty coolant reservoir

    I would fill it, pressure check the system and look for leaks. Sometimes you can't see a leak as it leaks onto something warm and evaporates before leaving a tell tale sign---but those are rare in my experience it is typically a head gasket or slipped cylinder.
  13. MountainD


    I have a mulitiude of issues and some of the symptoms you are describing are spot on but I was amazed at some of the things that I went through. First--in regards to acid reflux--I am 100% in JavelinaDave's camp---when I am overweight I get acid reflux, when I am not, I don't. That simple. But...
  14. MountainD

    New heater control and fan control labels MTC6006_MTC6007

    Are they able to be luminous?
  15. MountainD

    110 on Dynasties

  16. MountainD

    Champion AGM Battery - 25% off + $40 rebate at Pepboys

    They are less susceptible to acquiring a dead cell due to vibration between plates in an off road environment--since that is how I use my truck, that is enough. Then you get into the fact that they don't have any potential to leak battery acid in the unlikely event that I have rolled...
  17. MountainD

    RH/LF Rear Galvanized Cappings

    Now if they were just NAS cappings from a 95/97! I am after those (really just the right rear) if anyone has one... (no upper hole and the lower hole is only a 1/2 hole but big for the larger tail lights...)
  18. MountainD

    Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Dubai

    Mmmm Bangkok...The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free
  19. MountainD

    Winch wiring?

    Mine have survived the amp draw just fine for 15 years, same switch. As for switching the hot or the ground, you can do either. There is a fallacy that if you switch the ground that you don't get arc's but that isn't true as you are still breaking or starting a circuit--Just disconnect...
  20. MountainD

    Winch wiring?

    Trust me, there is no fight. You forgot an e in your link—should be — I’ll check it out, thanks!!!