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    Portsmouth Island 6.0

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this year as I’ll be on a Coast Guard deployment. I had a blast last year. Hope everyone has fun!
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    Welcome to the (new!) NAS-ROW

    Looks great! Thanks for the hard work.
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    What's your day job?

    Was a Navy Pilot for 15 years. Got smart and switched to the Coast Guard a year ago. Now flying C-130s until I retire in a few years. No more ships for me!
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    Spy Shot Of Defender? Dec. 1

    Interested in the expert's dissection of these photos...
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    FS: 1962 UNIMOG 404

    This has Sold
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    FS: 1962 UNIMOG 404

    Here’s the BaT link:
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    FS: 1962 UNIMOG 404

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    FS: 1962 UNIMOG 404

    more pics
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    FS: 1962 UNIMOG 404

    Listing my Dad's UNIMOG. 1962 Mercedes Unimog 404.1 Radio 24,500 kilometers Found in a farmers field 6 months ago and he has put in a ton of work. Very cool truck with portal axles and rear radio cab that has been insulated and ready to be customized. Would make the ultimate overland camper...
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    What have you done to your Defender today?

    Awesome, thanks for the info!
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    Who Is A Pilot?

    Navy story I've been a military pilot for the last 15+ years. Was a Navy P-3 Orion/T-6B Texan instructor pilot and just switched into the Coast Guard flying HC-130Js. One of my favorite stories was a det to Guam where we were flying over Micronesian waters helping their Coast Guard out with...
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    What have you done to your Defender today?

    I?d like to get a set of those. Do you have the link?
  13. M going out?

    I ordered some vdo gauges and they delayed the order due to backordered Speedo. Hard to get a hold of but responded relatively quickly via e-mail. Ended up getting the Speedo and Sender they didn't have from Lauderdale Speedometer. It was more expensive, but they had the parts on the shelf...
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    NAS Brushbar w/ lightbar and headlamp grills

    I’m still interested in the grills, light bar and screws if you’re willing to separate.
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    Paint Color Option by year

    Here you go. This book is pretty comprehensive as far as the history of the Defender and model years. Has all the small changes from year to year. Can you post some pics of your Defender in Marine Blue? Thats the color I am eventually going to paint mine.
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    WTB: Various v8 parts

    Looking for a RHD PS Steering box. Don’t need pump or lines.
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    NAS Brushbar w/ lightbar and headlamp grills

    Any interest in selling the light bar, headlamp grilles and grill knobs?
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    WTB: Various v8 parts

    I am getting ready to have Doug do my engine swap and need to get the rest of the parts. Here is what I'm looking for: Fuel tank (Regular gas- not diesel) v8 Fan shroud 1.2 T-Case (95-99 D1) V8 Clutch disc Throw out bearing for a v8 Exhaust R380 floor plates Plastic trans tunnel Bulkhead...
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    WTB: D1 in good condition

    My brother's old van blew up and he is looking to get into the LR sickness, like his older brother. Putting a feeler out for a well-sorted D1. He is located in Jacksonville FL, but I could drive it down to him. I'm in Norfolk, VA. Would much rather he buy from a LR guy rather than a Craiglist...
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    Forward facing lock and fold seats

    Wife is unsatiafied with the rear fold up bench seats, so I?m looking at forward facing lock and fold type seats. Don?t want to pay the $1200 per seat that the EXmoor trim ones are going for. Does anyone have suggestions/recommendations for something similar? Looking for somewhat comfortable but...