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    Madman EMS 2 (maybe 3)...

    Between here and DS there are a handful of guys looking for more info on the soon as I have it, I’ll post it. Cheers.
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    Madman EMS 2 (maybe 3)...

    Hey guys & gals...I just purchased a Madman EMS 2 plus 200tdi kit and have been communicating with the Director at Performance Products SA. They would entertain a group buy on the EMS 2 and kit (EMS 3 will be in at end of April with Boost pressure added)...please let me know if you are...
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    Ebay Deals

    Thanks for the heads up WK...picked up a few items for the 110 (aluminum dash cowl and VDO fuel gauge) at solid deals with the discount. Cheers.