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    WTB Front Window Channels

    That is weird, I cannot find those parts in the MicroCat?
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    WTB Front Window Channels

    All the kits don’t have those, you must use the existing ones from your roll up mechanism. 👍
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    Alpine window seal question

    Bottom... also put some sealant at that joint and then put the inner seal joining at the top. 👍
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    2019 Maple syrup

    Mmmmmm Maple Syrup. 👍
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    Rear seats wanted

    New bench seats all black were recently posted FS by DAP for $100.
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    ESR387 "Unleaded Fuel Only" Label

    Keeping it real 😂
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    300TDI Rolling failure no start

    Gotta love the simple stuff👍😂
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    300TDI Rolling failure no start

    Suggest you consider pulling your serp belt off and see if it cranks better and also what spins without that load on the crank. Something could be siezed. This sounds like something is inhibiting turning it over not just voltage and a starter thing. Good luck, hope its not too serious. Keep...
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    New Defender, 2020

    The idea that JLR is messing with all of us with these test mules driving around is kind of consistent with their highly secretive new model reveals. Just look what happened in China with Land Wind. As to what the final product will be, I predict it will be a common platform, have common...
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    Clutch Fluid

    You need the “new style” Td5 clutch pedal tower to install this spring set up. Just a heads up.
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    smooth instead of chequer for wings/quarter protectors?

    I went to my locate hardware store and picked up a bunch of philips, stainless, countersunk screws with nyloc nuts. Been secured for two years now and no issues. Just that it was hard to drill that first hole in a perfectly good panel.
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    A Memorial re-power of sorts

    Wow, sad... my condolences. Good in yah for doing these memorial upgrades. Just wanted to suggest that when you do your door, don’t cheap out on the door seals a dget genuine or OEM only. Stay away from aftermarket. Check the door strikers if the plastic on the stricker is dented, chipped or...
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    smooth instead of chequer for wings/quarter protectors?

    Yup, definitely. It is much more sturdy.
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    smooth instead of chequer for wings/quarter protectors?

    Were I to remove my fenders for whatever reason I would definitely have them Linexed on the underside. I did my hood and it certainly helps a lot to prevent denting when standing on it. I can only assume it would do the same on the flat fender tops.
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    smooth instead of chequer for wings/quarter protectors?

    I have had the smooth ones on mine for a couple years now. Never had a issue with traction, chipping, denting, scratching or anything else. I regularly chuck shackles, tools and stand on em. Its also way more comfy working on the engine or under the hood than diamond plate. No more...
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    What's your day job?

    Recently retired Deputy Paramedic Chief (after 35 years on the job). 👍
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    Masai Electric Front Door Windows

    I recently installed this kit in my 2000 MY D 110. You have to do a bit of fettling with the inner door panel (either cut it or bend it. I bent mine. Its been working greta for over a year. 👌
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    Panic response as you say, is legit and don’t underestimate its effects nor dismiss it. Even though I had ablation to correct my arrhythmias it still get a few seconds of the rapid rates trying to break through. In just two or three seconds I get rates of 10-15 beats. Each time it happens I’m...
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    i second the assertion to be very cautious ingesting anything with caffiene. Best to just cut it out totally. It is THE perfect stimulant to start an arrhythmia. It is most definitely not a benign drink... if you like the taste go decaf. Same thing for most cold remedies, and decongestants...
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    And nothing from the ECGs or Holter? As in the doc didn’t say you have xxxx. If it correlates to your digestive tract pehaps you have other issues in your gut. I also have a hiatus hernia which did not help the cardiac issue either. Gastric reflux is very uncomfortable and if you have that...