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  1. javelinadave

    Questions about Santanas

    Personally I have no problem with Santana’s, their owners or his music. As long as people don’t try to sell an unsuspecting person into thinking they are buying a coiled spring Defender their contributions here are welcome.
  2. javelinadave

    Questions about Santanas

    When they start selling Jimnys here again you bet your ass we will add a Jimny (Defender's baby brother) section. Love them!
  3. javelinadave

    El Paso

    That’s cutting way into happy hour, dinner and post meal cocktails.
  4. javelinadave

    El Paso

    I try to never drive at night on road trips. That’s when most vehicle vs animal incidents happen, wild or domestic.
  5. javelinadave

    1989 Defender Santana For Sale $23500, OBO

    His tip wasn’t to check out D Source unless you want to get mauled over calling a Santana a Defender or trying to sell a Santana or even listening to Santana.
  6. javelinadave

    El Paso

    Here is my thoughts from experiences with a bit more detail. There is safety in numbers. One truck makes you most vulnerable. No witnesses , no problem to them. Two trucks, so-so. Three, your probably good Never speak Spanish to the cops or at the military check points. A language barrier makes...
  7. javelinadave

    El Paso

    Don’t drive in a Defender in Mexico and fly if you NEED to go there. Just saying.
  8. javelinadave

    Oh, The Places You'll Go!

    I believe so. Ed is all Front Runner.
  9. javelinadave

    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    Contact this guy: He is the king of classics.
  10. javelinadave

    WTB Front Window Channels

    Sigh. If I had them already I wouldn’t be looking for them.
  11. javelinadave

    WTB Front Window Channels

    Anybody have any of these laying around? I'm converting to electric windows and the kit I ordered didn't come with these REQUIRED items. They are the same on the manual window mechanism which the channels can be robbed from. I need two sets.
  12. javelinadave

    Any Honda Ruckus Owners Here?

    I'm intrigued by the look and functionality. Anybody here have one and want to share some wisdom?
  13. javelinadave

    Clutch Fluid

    Another vote for the Td5 clutch pedal.
  14. javelinadave

    Craigslist Finds

    The description is hilarious unless you are gullible enough to believe it. Located in Los Angeles Land Rover Defender V8. Unique classic that is getting more and more difficult to find...
  15. javelinadave

    300tdi timing cover

    The pulley tensioner bolts on using the three threaded holes for the IP timing cover.
  16. javelinadave

    Range Rover Classic Rims $300

    I saw a set of these painted to match the truck they were on. Super slick looking!
  17. javelinadave

    Wheel bearing advice

    Best price or best service? Best price, google search that. Best service, Zack @ Rovers North. If you need to return something or it is defective RN takes care of it easy peasy.
  18. javelinadave

    Wheel bearing advice

    I use this stuff as a sealant. I have done this job with and without the paper gasket and haven't had any leaking issue either way.
  19. javelinadave

    Two NAS 90s

    FWIW both have "Branded Titles". I wouldn't care but some people will as will some insurance companies. YMMV.
  20. javelinadave

    Safety Devices Roll Cage and Rhino Rack

    These are super strong and would be perfect to mount up the rack while keeping it low profile. The SD cage is 1 3/4" OD I use them to attach my solar panel, roof rack and rear work light.