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    Early LHD steering box

    Thinking about left-hooking this Suffix A Range Rover so I will need a steering box. If anyone has a very early non power steering box, plz let me know. Tnx.
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    White 2 door early 70's RRC $850

    Texted you UD
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    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    Yes it's a subwoofer box. Takes a weird size speaker like 7 inch if I recall.
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    Power steering hose leak

    The remote reservoir Saginaw pumps aren't that much bigger
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    Power steering hose leak

    I don't know what prompted Land Rover engineers to go with the underpowered and weird pumps (with like zero reservoir capacity) but they downright suck. I would love to come up with a Saginaw pump adapter that would work on diesels and v8.
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    What's your day job?

    I teach lazy good for nothing electrons to do amazing tricks!
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    Power steering hose leak

    The fittings on the power steering box are standard size. I can't tell you if you have the metric or the SAE, but in either case there's only one for the high pressure side. You can get the nuts or the -AN adapters from Jegs, Summit, Speedway, etc. Ditto the banjo to -AN adapter. Once you have...
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    1995 RRC Bulkhead Corrosion

    It's probably a lot worse than it looks. If you decide to dismantle the truck (I wouldn't on a trail truck) prepare to find extensive rust damage. While it's possible to get repair panels, the cure may be worse than the disease.
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    Rrc winch bumper

    If you're asking me, I used to be indifferent but now I'm an active hater of ARB-type bumpers on anything.
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    Rrc winch bumper

    ARB bumper on a classic is just wrong
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    Rrc winch bumper

    Only ones I am aware of are the big fugly ARB-style monstrosities, I do recall that there was "stealth" winch mount that kept the front looking the same but mounted the winch in such a way that the only thing visible was the fairlead. Can't remember if it was above or below the bumper. I go look...
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    Rovers North headlight wiring harness - any tips?

    You could just buy the LED headlights and avoid all of this madness completely.
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    LED Bulbs

    Conversion LED incandescent replacements everywhere except turn signals. Hard to justify the trouble and expense of swapping those as they're intermittent. Requires resistors and stuff. Oh and not in the alternator warning lamp either!
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    Champion AGM Battery - 25% off + $40 rebate at Pepboys

    I am a fan of AGM in the proper context but unless you regularly operate the vehicle sideways or upside down, or in harsh high vibration environments, there's no way to justify the expense over regular flooded batteries. Believe me I drank the kool-aid and was super gung ho about AGMs until it...
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    Champion AGM Battery - 25% off + $40 rebate at Pepboys

    All AGM are {deleted} in my opinion.
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    GM 292 Straight 6 - Yet another conversion

    Just get the engine you like and be happy! Really, the whole Land Rover thing is not cheap. You don't get into it cz it's a low priced, easy to maintain 4WD vehicle. You get into it cz they get into your blood. Once there, there's no not feeding the beast. You just pay and pay or you quit...
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    GM 292 Straight 6 - Yet another conversion

    I never understood this obsession with MPG. Fuel is like THE least of the costs of driving. Even at twice the price it's still a lot less than the amortized cost of the vehicle itself, maintenance, parts, labor, insurance etc... If you figure all that stuff in it's actually a heck of a lot more...
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    Winch wiring?

    Be super careful with 1,2,BOTH,OFF switches. If you don't have a "make before break" type and you switch batteries with the engine running you will cook the alternator in about 3 thousandths of a second. Engine off, no problem.
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    Winch wiring?

    While I have no dog in this fight, it's my practice to use tinned copper cable for battery feed. I buy the marine-grade stuff from my bud at It's top quality. He will do custom lengths and put the lugs and the mil-spec heavy duty heat shrink on the ends for you for cheap. Or you...
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    Fuel Quality

    It actually grows in the water that sits in the tank, not in the fuel itself. If you get that stuff it's due to dirty and/or contaminated tanks. Then once you start moving the gook sloshes around and mixes into a mess...