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    Failing Lift Pump?

    Its a sound theory, cheap fix, cheap insurance tbh.. I picked up a batch of watery gas this year.. that did some funky things to my truck. Change out your filter, also or for now Drain it and check it.
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    Car Fire

    That to me looks like a Discovery 5. This happened to my mother this fall in her 21' RR, she pulled into the gas station and it lit up, it was extinguished quickly. Thankfully she didn't pull into the garage at the house, she would have gone in and it wouldn't have been pretty. Insurance said it...
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    Frame mounted tire carrier options?

    If you can find a Kyamar, they're really nice, I have one for my FJ62, seems to be like hen's teeth now for a Defender, but could be replicated with ease. kaymar_wheelcarrier_english.htm
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    register trailer with bill of sale only (PA)

    Also, I register my trailers in Maine 5 yrs+ 99$ no inspection and lightweight trailers are bill of sale only..
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    register trailer with bill of sale only (PA)

    I have a nice 12' utility trailer for sale, cheap $1000.. super clean, gorilla lift cable system so you don't break your back lifting the gate up. I'm in Mass though. It was my dad's, I have a 10' and a Sankey so it's surplus to my needs. NYS reg and title..
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    5th Annual NAS-ROW Secret Santa / Holiday Gift Exchange 2023 (US)

    Yes! Better late than never.. I'm glad you like it..
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    Looking for a new DD - must be AWD/4WD RRS/LR4/LR3/Wagons

    Jetta sportwagen/A4 wagon
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    Looking for a new DD - must be AWD/4WD RRS/LR4/LR3/Wagons

    What's inexpensive? I'm cheap.. never paid more than 10k$ for a vehicle, other than my wife's new Atlas. At the core I'm a Land Rover fan.. but I also do my own repairs (relatively few over the years btw, maybe I get lucky) I've had them all and currently drive an 11' L322, I don't think I want...
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    5th Annual NAS-ROW Secret Santa / Holiday Gift Exchange 2023 (US)

    Thanks Again.. no, like nothing else I have. And I'm a big Opinel fan..C
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    5th Annual NAS-ROW Secret Santa / Holiday Gift Exchange 2023 (US)

    Thank you to my secret Santa.. I threw out the label and completely forgot who it came from (insert username here..) but I do know it came from Expedition Exchange and its vey cool.. Chris
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    2008 335XI Coupe

    I feel faint.. look at all those pictures!
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    Roof top tent setups

    I have a huge OVS xl rtt, I like it. Tons of room (equivalent to a king mattress) It's not a big deal to setup.. although on top of the disco it's really high. I think the hardshell tents are limited in size, whatever they say (any tent) divide the occupancy rating in half and you'll have a...
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    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    Left it out for the last 2 days in this monsoon we're getting up here. I thought it would be good to test the water tightness. Happy to report that the sunroof is tight, the only water in the truck I found seems to have pushed in via the corners of 2 different doors where the gaskets transition...
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    Rear seat placement

    Since it's not an NAS seat isn't it kind of arbitrary where it goes? Are you using 3 point belts or just laps? I'd avoid drilling through the crossmember and find a nice spot with a little room, your brackets require 4 bolts, so you're going to want the room for the backing plates (required!)...
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    WTB: 110/130 TDI Fuel Tank

    I didn't, I was going to but I know myself better and it would have never gotten done. I had a buddy shoot it in pieces, that took long enough. I'll start a new thread outlining the build.
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    WTB: 110/130 TDI Fuel Tank

    Slippery indeed!
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    WTB: 110/130 TDI Fuel Tank

    No worries, if you decide otherwise it's clean, just decided new looked better under my truck since everything else is.
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    WTB: 110/130 TDI Fuel Tank

    I do... from my 200tdi.. have a new cradle for it as well.. Chris