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  1. GunPilot

    Looking for an LT95

    Looking for an LT95 gearbox in good condition, hopefully in the PNW. I've got a 1985 110 V8 and my LT95 is starting to show signs of imminent failure - started popping out of high gear, shifter has started moving fore/aft while in 3rd gear on/off throttle, etc - due for a rebuild soon. Years...
  2. GunPilot

    OG seats/fabric?

    If you're interested in having a local shop re-upholster your existing seats - I did a Google search for "land rover moorland cloth" and this was one of the results:
  3. GunPilot

    Grease gun that doesn’t leak?

    Pricey, but I've had success with this one:
  4. GunPilot


    Spotted near our favorite bakery. I just had to park in front of it.
  5. GunPilot

    Piece of G4 Vinyl Fabric

    Following up after nearly two years... Have you replaced your old G4 seat covers?
  6. GunPilot

    Tray for Early Cubby Box

    I ended up 3d printing my own replacement cubby tray. Print size constraints required two parts that fit together, but it is snug and fits great. I’ll finish smoothing the edges and then epoxy seal it before permanently fixing it to the cubby.
  7. GunPilot


    Spotted near downtown Ellensburg, WA. ROW 90, LHD 2.5 Turbo, looks like an import from Italy. Possibly someone from the Westside visiting for rodeo weekend. Left a note on the window to join the forum.
  8. GunPilot

    Tray for Early Cubby Box

    I know this is a longshot, but I'm looking for the tray insert for an early cubby box. MTC4520. Part is NLA, but maybe someone out there has an early cubby laying around with this part. I have another cubby I can use, but I'd like to refurb this one as well. See pic below.
  9. GunPilot

    Land Rovers That Suck