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  1. supertreeman

    Looking for a Land Rover Perentie 110 4x4 to adopt.

    Johan has one I think..
  2. supertreeman

    Random kit and parts

    Ill take the screw jack if its still avail..
  3. supertreeman

    Visiting Seatle

    CHAZ lol..
  4. supertreeman

    Free to a good home thread

    Ill take that black headlight mounting ring or whatever its called..
  5. supertreeman

    magical sparkle flares

    If it were me Id scuff them both and hit it with SEM Trim black (could even use the matte) and be done with it. That stuff lays down so nicely out of a rattle can
  6. supertreeman

    magical sparkle flares

    Depends on the material, but Ive used both and they've both worked really well. Anything SEM is really great stuff IMO
  7. supertreeman

    Looking for best quality engine tools

    I have this crank holding tool. Works fine for me. Its also the only one i could find when shopping for one..
  8. supertreeman

    Building the perfect 90

    Based on the rest of this thread, I think its safe to say however it was dealt with was: 1) The right way 2.) Better than how 99.9% of us would have:ROFLMAO:
  9. supertreeman

    Maer Chassis Order

    I have a complaints
  10. supertreeman

    LR4 Hitch stuck

    Leave it to LR. Does a hitch receiver really need to be that complicated?
  11. supertreeman


    Is it just me or are more and more of these popping up in our area (Philly suburbs).Im starting to see them all over the place
  12. supertreeman

    LHD Puma Bulkhead and Dash

    Not sure. Open to offers I guess. Ive got over 2k into it with shipping, duties, exchange rate, etc..
  13. supertreeman

    Hi cap Spare Tire mount
  14. supertreeman

    LHD Puma Bulkhead and Dash Ive bought some stuff from these guys with no issues..
  15. supertreeman

    Pick-up top WTB

    Might want to check with Johan..when I was looking for a HiCap and considering converting a 110 to single cab he said he had a roof and headliner brand new in the Netherlands. This was a while ago though..
  16. supertreeman

    LHD Puma Bulkhead and Dash

    I have an MOD Puma dash, not actual puma dash (probably you are looking for the real thing..