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  1. J

    AA 1997 NAS D90 for sale

    Oh man. Anyone wanna buy mine so I can buy this?
  2. J

    Doug selling his AA Yellow D90 NAS.

    I am actually surprised by the condition. It's not as good as I thought it would be.
  3. J

    Free 300tdi cylinder head used

    All yours. I actually live in LI now but commute time Manhattan with the truck. Lmk where to meet up.
  4. J

    Free 300tdi cylinder head used

    I have no clue if it's good. But if no one claims it I'm just going to throw it in the trash. Came off my truck unknown miles on the head, no I overheating issues, just a leaking head gasket external. Injectors are out, glowplugs are still in. Never tried to remove since I had replacements.
  5. J

    What is this dash plug?

    Sorry for my guess. I was 1 switch off lol
  6. J

    What is this dash plug?

    Iirc rear fog. I don't have a diagram in front of me
  7. J

    Steel Wing Thoughts

    Mine came dented right out of the box. They don't pack them well.
  8. J

    Defender TDI 200 (1991) Gear Stick and Swivel Housing
  9. J

    Defender TDI 200 (1991) Gear Stick and Swivel Housing

    I think I greased mine. You also need a new rubber boot. I have the slick shift kit, I don't even remember how long the throw was before, but I think I did like it. But make sure your turret is in good shape because I had so much play when in gear
  10. J

    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    Did you check the wires in the rubber where they go from the truck to the door? I had 2 wires cut in mine causing issues
  11. J

    MOD Puma Dash Upgrade Feedback / Reviews

    I wonder if it's the valve I use for opening and closing coolant flow. That summer winter knob is currently set for winter for the compressor.
  12. J

    MOD Puma Dash Upgrade Feedback / Reviews

    I'm starting to think something is wrong with my heater setup. I feel like I'm always cold. My truck runs at around 185f.
  13. J

    dash parts TDI and TD5

    Are you able to run td5 levers on pre td5?
  14. J

    Manual trans fill plug

    I'm no expert when it comes to the radius arms but that bushing looks loose? I'd search that a bit to verify
  15. J

    Manual trans fill plug

    You are good. That's just a wading plug. You can pick them up and throw it in if you plan to drive thru deep water. The drain n refill plugs are on the side of the cast iron part of the box. I believe the right side.
  16. J

    Free 300tdi clock

    I'll get it out this week
  17. J

    Free 300tdi clock

  18. J

    @Admin - Scammer

    Who browses the forums at 4:55! Bad news that one. Glad he's been finally caught.
  19. J

    Free 300tdi clock

    It used to set no problem. I tried all these little tricks. I picked up a td5 clock but now I may not even use that since got new gauges. The speedo has a clock BTW, got one PM sofar. Getting them a price on shipping