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    1997NAS 90 - Part number AMR5919

    Did anyone ever find a fix for this? I tried to send it off to be repaired, Nothing. I need a new unit as my interior lights and other items aren’t working correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    1997, seems they are getting power, ill verify…but with the brights working and parking lamps, i would venture to say they are greeting power….just find it odd the switch dies as i am replacing the blinker switch…
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    Just got done replacing the turn signal switch and the return feature. But now my head lights have stopped working. When I push the switch in, all parking lights come on, no headlights. If I press the brights on the new switch, the brights will work but when turned off, no head lights. Fuses are...
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    Looking for 97 SW parts

    Hello. Looking for a clock, Driver side SW roll bar pad (large one) grey carpet for driver and pass floor,
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    WTB 1997 NAS SW Defender 90

    Bump to the top.,,I am back to looking for a SW….I’ll be keeping my ST…I want a good driver…..97 preferably…