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  1. pl626

    $BTC at ATH, anyone care?

    It's nutty...still waiting for $DOGE to the moon...
  2. pl626

    MD & VA area Members - Mikey & Mel's Cruise In - Sat Nov 4th

    You should've mentioned it's "Corned Beef and Cars", not your normal "C&C". I definitely would've made the effort for that...
  3. pl626

    Land Rovers That Suck

    Should be easy to fix...
  4. pl626

    5th Annual NAS-ROW Secret Santa / Holiday Gift Exchange 2023 (US)

    I'm in, thx for the reminder, Dro!
  5. pl626

    Which Would You Sell?

    Someone's looking for Cyclones on
  6. pl626


    LOL, there's probably a lot of truth to that, but a lot of his criticisms are spot-on. Ineos should have released a basic model, perhaps they will eventually?
  7. pl626

    Disco 2 AC Question

    Valid point. Unless you've baselined the AC recently, it could be almost anything. I've been chasing a slow leak in my RRC AC for the past few years. Everytime we did a leak test, nothing leaked during the test, but over the year, it did. We finally found a small leak this year in the...
  8. pl626

    Legacy NAS vs. New Osprey Build

    AFAIK, he was never charged, but plenty of victims for sure...
  9. pl626

    Legacy NAS vs. New Osprey Build

    Doc Aaron seems to have whitewashed his history with Land Rover imports and parts, you really have to dig. There are many other resto shops out there without the reputational baggage...
  10. pl626

    Demerbox Bluetooth Stereo, $50

    I need to charge my batteries, it's been ages since I've used my Demerbox, but I wouldn't trade it for anything...
  11. pl626

    One-owner '95 Defender 90 NAS, California car

    Seems like prices have really dropped. This is the second NAS 90 I've seen on BaT go for much less than expected.
  12. pl626

    Do you remember when…

    That was only 12 years ago...
  13. pl626

    Not for the faint of heart - ‘95 NAS

    45k for a rusty turd, but it is a NAS...
  14. pl626

    Swivel appearance

    Happy swivel housing filled with OneShot and fresh gaskets. BTW, checking and adjusting/setting the shims is a critical step.
  15. pl626

    Swivel appearance

    Don't know if you've resolved this or not, but servicing the swivel housing isn't too bad. There are a few good videos on YouTube that can help you. It's just a dirty and tedious job, but definitely do-able for shade-tree mechanics.
  16. pl626

    LR Dogs

    My Bluey, Corby...
  17. pl626

    NoVa Happy Hour - 3rd Thurs Monthly

    Reviving this thread & NOVA HH...Let's shoot for Patsy's in Tysons for September.
  18. pl626

    RRC warning chimes

    '95 RRC headlights on chime
  19. pl626

    LR Dogs

    My Bella, who crossed the bridge this past Aug.
  20. pl626

    RRC = no start

    Jeff-what type of rotor arm, bonded or riveted?