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  1. chris snell

    2023 Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge, Poultney Vermont July 26-30

    Oh man, the ganacki and hamburgers are going to be lit!
  2. chris snell

    Welcome to NAS-ROW

    NAS-ROW, going to be a ghost town next month since 2016!
  3. chris snell

    Revotec Electronic Fan Controller

    It's sold.
  4. chris snell

    Revotec Electronic Fan Controller

    Yes, I have it here on my desk. Still with the factory seal intact on the box. $87 shipped CONUS for friends & family Venmo. If you pay with Venmmo "purchase protection", it will be $97.
  5. chris snell

    Revotec Electronic Fan Controller

    Maaaaaaybe? I will need to dig into the bins and look.
  6. chris snell

    Mantec back in business?

    Can you explain this a bit? Would this give me the necessary bits to mount the carrier on my 3-door 110 with the drop-down tailgate?
  7. chris snell

    Roof top tent setups

    My opinion is that they solve for a problem that doesn't need to be solved, or can be solved better in other ways. If it's just me in the truck, there is no better sleeping environment than in the back of my 3-door truck. It's protected fully from the elements and if I need to bail quickly for...
  8. chris snell

    AGM batteries at West Marine Black Friday deal

    Nice, Odyssey Extremes are the best batteries for a Defender. I've had great luck with mine.
  9. chris snell

    Husky Winch Bumper

    You are welcome to fly to SLC and take any measurements you want of my Husky/Mantec/Brownchurch setup.
  10. chris snell

    New WI Member - 1992 Medical Ranger Special Operations Vehicle

    Was that added by the SAR people? If so, yes.
  11. chris snell

    New WI Member - 1992 Medical Ranger Special Operations Vehicle

    I hope you don't get rid of the plexiglass. If it were mine, I would start by removing all of the SAR add-ons that Wisconsin added on and restore her to her former Ranger Regiment glory.
  12. chris snell

    Adjustable Panhard Rod

    I'm pretty sure that I tossed out the stock panhard ages ago so I can't compare. Maybe it was long enough. There was some reason that I needed the adjustable but I can't remember it anymore.
  13. chris snell

    Adjustable Panhard Rod

    When you cut down the RTE, was there still enough depth on the threaded hole or did you have to drill that out further and re-tap?
  14. chris snell

    Adjustable Panhard Rod

    It's still all being assembled, off the truck. The cranked arms helped a lot. I am running the HD rear and XHD front OME springs. Before anybody asks, the ride is rough when the truck is empty but packed for a trip, it's dreamy.
  15. chris snell

    Adjustable Panhard Rod

    Part of the problem is the old Rovertym cranked radius arms that I'm running. They're plated on the sides and, I think, a little wider than stock. If I could shorten the arm a bit, this would be a non-issue.
  16. chris snell

    Adjustable Panhard Rod

    Also maybe related: the front axle tube on my truck is off a RRC. Does the RRC axle tube have a different placement of the panhard bracket? Maybe that's part of my issue.
  17. chris snell

    Adjustable Panhard Rod

    I can't keep up with their reincarnations. Is the current owner making good product?
  18. chris snell

    Adjustable Panhard Rod

    What options do I have for an adjustable panhard rod? I have this one. I think it may be a Britpart. Unfortunately, the shortest adjustable length is too long for my truck and the radius arm drags along one side of the frame. Need something a little shorter. I thought about cutting mine...
  19. chris snell

    Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide - by Tom Sheppard

    Selling for over $200 on Amazon.
  20. chris snell

    Stub axle questions

    Turns out that one side was about 1mm too small in ID. I took it to a guy down the road who has a CNC shop above his garage and for $30, he milled it down. Fits perfectly now. Every time I buy non-Genuine, I regret it in the end. You never save money doing that.