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  1. broncoduecer

    Catastrophic water pump failure 300Tdi

    Been a while since I’ve seen you post! Not that I’ve been very active after selling my 90, but still good to see you about. You helped me a lot with my Tdi swap, always appreciated that. Good advice on the persistent squeak! I wondered what was going to be the giving point for that squeak that...
  2. broncoduecer

    FS Transmission Cooler for NAS Defender

    FTC5360 Overall good shape, no leaks. The mounting tabs are a little banged up but it still mounts just fine. I did notch that mounting tabs a little to fit the grill support on my 94. I upgraded to a B&M unit as the winch and bumper kind of killed the airflow to that lower grill area...
  3. broncoduecer

    FS Unobtainium - MUC6980 (LH lift up door latch)

    Cleaning out some more garage items. Rare roll up lift up 85/86 drivers door latch with key! I was lucky enough to snag this back in 2019. No longer have a need for it. This is basically what I paid for it, not trying to make anything off of this. $500 shipped MUC6980 (MUC2291) Latch...
  4. broncoduecer

    FS Misc transfer case trans bracket

    Hey everyone, cleaning out some parts and have these few brackets laying around. $40 + shipping? Located in UT 84096 Thanks, Peter
  5. broncoduecer

    Grease gun that doesn’t leak?

    Probably the best name for a grease gun haha! x2 on the leaking from the bottom where the handle goes in
  6. broncoduecer

    The Very Best Thread

    Icebreaker is making a flannel now, might give that one a look? It’s on sale too.
  7. broncoduecer

    Need a take-out 300tdi?

    Are those 200tdi? Doesn’t look like a 300tdi to me. But not sure what it is.
  8. broncoduecer

    Grease gun that doesn’t leak?

    I was meaning the leaking out of the bottom on the plunger side. Mine have always leaked and it would be nice to not have grease slicks from them.
  9. broncoduecer

    Grease gun that doesn’t leak?

    Funny enough those were the 2 I was looking at. A buddy has a Lincoln he got in 2014 that has never leaked - wonder if they are still as good. Or the lock n lube were what I was eyeing. Might need both For a test. I have two Types of grease (snowmobile and vehicle) I’d like ones for. Last auto...
  10. broncoduecer

    Grease gun that doesn’t leak?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a grease gun that doesn’t leak? Is there such a thing? Seems like every one that I’ve had does.
  11. broncoduecer

    Poll: dormobile roof or camel trophy roll cage

    I’ve slept under my 90 on a creeper inadvertently once…
  12. broncoduecer

    Land Rovers That Suck

    Not sure if this has been posted before but :sick:
  13. broncoduecer

    FS: Set of 4 - Lift Handle Doors (86-88 style)

    Those front door latches are getting really hard to come by. GLWTS! The sp4x4 door cards were pretty good replacements as well if needed. I was able to fit some 3” Jensen waterproof speakers in the front bottom corner that didn’t interfere with the glass and it was pretty sturdy. I like the...
  14. broncoduecer

    Building the perfect 90

    I love this! I have a few of those, but nothing like that. Very impressive!
  15. broncoduecer

    Why is this not a surprise....

    The great door seal saga of 2019!
  16. broncoduecer


    Friends of ours in SLC spotted a trifecta!
  17. broncoduecer

    Pure Unobtanium

  18. broncoduecer

    Pure Unobtanium

    I did not. If their website is correct they still them in stock. I thought they only had the one. But maybe not.