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  1. rover4x4

    New Defender Owners..

    the tree bungee corded to the rooftop should been a dead giveaway.
  2. rover4x4

    QPG Feeler

    Look good
  3. rover4x4

    1995 NAS Defender A/C Vents

    Depending on the final outcome I would be interested in a set for my truck
  4. rover4x4

    Which Would You Sell?

    Cyclones look good on DI's.. Ive seen worse on a D90, boosts look good on DI's and especially Defenders...
  5. rover4x4

    Period "Looking" Tires Question

    Miss the Radial Rover RT and the BFG Trac Edge.
  6. rover4x4

    Proline NATO 5x

  7. rover4x4


    Stock Rover suspensions (not Defender) have always impressed me at how comfortable they are. All EAS models are in a league of their own, offroad with lift rods not so much.
  8. rover4x4

    Rovers North NAS Safety Devices Roll Cage

    Good work!!
  9. rover4x4

    The Very Best Thread

    Smartwool is luxurious
  10. rover4x4

    Proline NATO 5x

    Fresh AF and I've got lug nuts. $500 located in Raleigh NC. Shipping would be pita.
  11. rover4x4

    Round Offroad Lights

    Hella 4000
  12. rover4x4

    Steering Knuckle Not Rotating

    A drive flange bolt is the same thread IIRC
  13. rover4x4

    Battery recommendations.

    My 90 has a duracell AGM that's supposedly a rebranded Deka... it's old battery is in our subaru, a group 34 diehard agm and it about spun the starter off the bellhousing. I'm a huge fan of CTEK chargers.
  14. rover4x4


    4 runners abound at my office, many have exceeded 300k with little issue. I will say they are the most uncomfortable vehicles Ive ever ridden in and have the worst brakes of any vehicle Ive ever driven save for 70's 911's
  15. rover4x4

    Window Tinting / D110 5-door

    I cant say enough good things about high quality tint. I am using a 3M crystalline on 3 vehicles and it does an excellent job at blocking heat, I cant have a vehicle without it...
  16. rover4x4

    Possible Moab trail closings.

    SXS and ATVs are a blight on the landscape, I expect these things are huge contributor to the proposed closures on BLM/National Forest land in Utah. The majority of folks in the 4x4 crowd don't seem to value the land and are under the mindset its there for them use however they see fit. I go...
  17. rover4x4

    Another example of just do the work yourself..

    lol. Discount Tire, last two times Ive been there Ive had to replace wheel studs.
  18. rover4x4

    Tires ... again ... Load D not E?

    I miss the D load tires, I held onto my D range KMs for entirely too long, I honestly cant tell much of a comfort difference between the D range KM and E range KM3. The D range tires did well at 12-15psi, I think I went as low as 10 with the KM3 E range tires and was underwhelmed. The Maxxis...
  19. rover4x4

    Rockware winch bumper

    Thats a smoking deal!!
  20. rover4x4

    WTB SW tire carrier threaded washers

    I need the large threaded (3x) washers for a SW tire carrier. Thanks!