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    Jeep Rubicon

    Wow, I’ve never driven or even ridden a modern Jeep until this week when I rented a 2023 Rubicon to get out on the Alpine Loop in SW Colorado. I will never buy one for myself because my trucks do everything I need them to. But holy cow, I’d recommend one to anyone that wants a well sorted ride...
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    Psyoptic Development Defender 90 Rear Corner Guards

    Those were/are nice. I have had the original SG ones for years and they've come in handy and saved the rear corner with someone left their truck in neutral on the trail once.
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    NAS Defender 110 ( not mine)

    Part of me would like to thin the herd and go down to one Rover. This would be the direction I’d go.
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    LR4 P0087 Fuel Pressure issue

    Double check my math but i don' think the GAP tools will be able to upload the newest version of the software. That requires a JBL license.
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    LR4 P0087 Fuel Pressure issue

    Have you had the software reflashed lately? I was lucky that a reflash solved my fuel pressure issue.
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    New Lexus GX

    I would love to have rear cargo door glass roll down as opposed to lift.
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    Legacy NAS vs. New Osprey Build

    ECR, probably not ECD.
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    Legacy NAS vs. New Osprey Build

    Original NAS is my vote. The fewer miles the better, and don't drive it if you're concerned about appreciation.
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    OG seats/fabric?

    I would have those cleaned and new cushions installed. I bet they'd spruce up nicely.
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    Broken half shaft (at least?)

    After driving home, what damage is done is done. Maybe just replace the side that snapped, drain the diff, and check for shrapnel with a magnet.
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    Anyone running Valvoline VR1 20/50?

    $30/jug for VR1 at lots of places and RPI stamp of approval is the ticket for me.
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    Anyone running Valvoline VR1 20/50?

    Agree, 20/50 is just a summer fluid for around here.
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    Anyone running Valvoline VR1 20/50?

    I'm a bit late to the game but hopefully not too too late.
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    Anyone running Valvoline VR1 20/50?

    My NAS SW is one oil change from hitting 200K. I was picking up oil yesterday and noticed the VR1 with zink in 20/50. Seems noticeably a little quieter.
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    Shop recommendations (north east)

    Red Door Offroad, PA - West of Philly, Excellent shop/owner.
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    Wanted Tie Bar

    Good seeing ur still playing the game Dude.
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    Genuine Ripple Grey Headliner Material

    Ha!, apologies. I assumed this was the same post all that time. Glad ur keeping the hope alive.
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    Genuine Ripple Grey Headliner Material

    Someone please buy this man’s Genuine Ripple Material. He’s been trying hard for like 5 years.
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    1997 NAS

    Pics are about as good of a gauge of whether it’s in good shape as a finger painting. Don’t be that guy that talks himself into a sense of security via internet posts. Have multiple calls with the guy and ask a 1k questions. Get a gauge on the seller and decide if he’s worth taking a risk to go...
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    Metal Bits on Rear Differential Magnet

    Pick up a used one at a junk yard.