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    New WI Member - 1992 Medical Ranger Special Operations Vehicle

    Marshalls built the Pink Panthers and some other military variants. Unusual for SVO to get that deep into a special order. I'd remove what you don't need for your purposes, and add what you do. But not mod it so it can't easily be returned to orig spec. Save all oem kit. Bonhams truck sold for...
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    The tall wheels/short tires options on the new Def have led to plenty of flat tires, and give a worse ride in the meantime. Bleeding to half pressure in low traction conditions doesn't look practicable, either. Some alloys offer little or no weight savings over steel.
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    Car trailer question

    Auto transport trailers typically don't have dovetails. Flatbed equipment trailers do because of the higher deck. Have always done fine without. You'll notice in the pic above, the dovetail doesn't change the angle of the ramps or the breakover angle. It just allows the use of shorter ramps...
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    I am out of the loop, what's a 6x6 Perentie worth?

    Usually sold with an ambulance box or troop bed. Harder to price just cab and chassis, but would be less. Most have had some tlc since gov release. This one looks on the unloved side of the scale. For when the 127/130 can't handle the weight/volume of payload. Prob the best engineered Rover 6x6.
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    Whats best? Fat tires or thin.......

    2 schools of thought for snow: Wide tires to stay on top Skinny tires to bite thru to traction. Depends a lot on depth of snow. Rally cars tend to go the skinny route since they typically don't do deep snow. Rally drivers always try to get their tires down to where the traction is, wet or dry...
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    Most trips are short and if the car is charged between times the gas engine will only kick in on less frequent longer trips. It's not that 20 of every 350 miles is electric as a practical matter. Overall real life mpg is what sells hybrids. Video was faked, but I did like how the blonde called it.
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    Is Ineos following JLR's lead now?
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    The models they're working on go in a diff direction than a stripped Gren. Looks like Lucky Joe called it - this is the base model. Disappointing insofar as Ineos stray from the classic Defender ethic that gave them good reason to be.
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    Article above says 3 new models are in the works, none are a more basic version of the Gren. Shows you what I know.
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    I don't see how Ineos could stop it in the USA. Although it's easy enough to check order lists for duplicate customers. The flips should make the dealer cars look like a deal. If the Gren makes money, Ineos will have options. Will take awhile for market for current model to be sated. Why...
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    Sadly, no vehicle can be all things to all people. This one is built to Ratcliffe's spec, which Ineos is betting has a large enough market to support it. The Def can't be replaced in modern production. The term "spiritual successor" applies tho.
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    HCPU Spare Tire Carrier

    Some of the pieces shown may match ones you highlighted in the diagram. The pics show a bulkhead mount in a standard truck. Not sure the base shown in black is factory since it doesn't look familiar. I agree the factory mount is preferable.
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    So anyone actually 'Overlanding' in an NAS D90?

    Carawagon built an 88 version with a trimmed center bulkhead where the seats arrange into a bed. It didn't have a pop top, tho. I'd guess so to leave room for a roof rack.
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    HCPU Spare Tire Carrier

    The most common type of interior mount is behind the front seats, as in post #7 above. I believe there are 2 HCPU type mounts, 110 and 130. The 110 spare sits partially on top of and in front of the wheelwell, whereas the 130 sits behind it on the bed deck. The latter position can also be...
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    Headliner material for D90

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    Looks like the old 130 CC/HiCap. Chicken tax may kill import to USA, tho.
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    D90 NAS Rear Facing Seat / Hardware

    Front facing bench
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    Land Rovers That Suck

    Yes we are the same dumbasses, but some dumbasses are more anti-social than others. Lol.