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  1. DefendersNW

    Whats best? Fat tires or thin.......

    Trucks were designed for and run best with tall & skinny... Pump them up and reduced rolling resistance means better milage, better power transfer, better top end. "I noticed a long time ago how Baja residents set up their trucks. Tall, skinny tires are ideal. They give good ground clearance...
  2. DefendersNW

    Land Rover mechanic fantasy camp

    Thank you for the kind words! This program was beta-tested with one of the founders of NAS-ROW and has been refined over the last decade. Still our favorite way to help Defender owners get deep expedition-ready knowledge and hands-on practice with the projects! The goal has always been to...
  3. DefendersNW

    HCPU Spare Tire Carrier

    Ive got a few UTO - shipped a nice one out to someone last month... #2 is tougher to make, but is aesthetic and not required for functionality. The different offsets are easy to make and would benefit from one matched to the actual tyre/wheel combo. The clamp is the hard part but can be...
  4. DefendersNW

    Exmoor Trim Leather Seat Retrim Feedback

    Just opinion - the Exmoor foams we've seen through the shop are far too soft. Short lifespan and bottom out after only a few years of regular use. Original foams in good shape when you can find them, or $$ aftermarket seats (ScheelMann) if you can afford them and they fit the configuration...
  5. DefendersNW

    Early 110 swivel ball seal

    Still running the early swivel setup with the double plates and gasket on both?
  6. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Almost before the post went up on the other forum even...
  7. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    First come first served... Bonnet mounted spare kit... $399.98 off the price of $399.99...
  8. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Link fixed - thanks for the heads up hillstrubl
  9. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    After a month of locals only deals we've got a NAS-ROW only posting: 1 whole bean bag, 1 penny, 1 person... Same coupon code - Go Turn your head and Coffee...
  10. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Delayed by Expo travel this week - so maybe it will open up a few more folks. Same code, same deal... $29.99 off - first come first served. Get it...
  11. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Late Friday listing from a very wet Overland Expo - $29.98 discount off the $29.99 price of new old stock sweet LED lanterns - only one discounted available and it is first come first served. Same coupon code. And Go!!!
  12. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Another Friday in effect... Same coupon code N4¢N4£ - new item - for your shop wall…. $29.98 discount off the $29.99 price of a painted cast resin badge clock - only one discounted available BADGECLOCK and it is first come first served. We do have more of the resin cast light housings in stock...
  13. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Late tee up for Friday from Portland Oregon today... Same coupon code N4¢N4£ - new item. $249.98 discount off the $249.99 price of a cast resin housing custom LED Reverse/utility light - only one available and first come first served. We do have more of the resin cast light housings available...
  14. DefendersNW

    Front Radius Arms (ROW D90 updated)

    Indeed - knock them back open and put in the correct arms or at least shim them so that the inner spacer is tight against the axle bracket without the steep bends!
  15. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    looks like you snuck in just under the wire... Shipped today for you. When we moved from multiple small warehouses into one location at the end of last year I realized our inventory over the last decade has grown significantly. This seemed like a good way to give back to the community a bit...
  16. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    As it is Friday again and we were wrapping up another axle upgrade -it’s time to pop up another bit of UTO or NOS parts that need a new home... Same coupon code N4¢N4£ - new item everyone will eventually need when doing a wheel bearing service. $59.98 discount off the $59.99 price of a...
  17. DefendersNW

    take off military lights

    I've got a few sets at least
  18. DefendersNW

    NAS V8 Raised air intake

    I've fabbed up a few intake solutions along the same lines - both wing top and side intake with a wider stance to clear roll cage
  19. DefendersNW

    Vent Knob Options

    Replace with like item - or upgrade the mechanism to Td5 versions.
  20. DefendersNW

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Well that didn't take long... Bushings sold