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  1. erover82

    Period "Looking" Tires Question

    Been eyeing Falken M/Ts for some time now. They're a bit more conservative with the sidewall design, less expensive to replace when you start using them offroad, and are available in both 235 and 255 section widths. It's also possible I'm just a sucker for their marketing.
  2. erover82

    Broken half shaft (at least?)

    A 4-pin diff, ATB, Truetrac, or air locker, as well as HD shafts and CVs. It’s typically only needed if you’re doing vigorous 4-wheeling or just want that extra assurance. However, you’re in a heavier 110 with an R2.8, so there’s potentially more stress on those components depending on how you...
  3. erover82

    Broken half shaft (at least?)

    Yes, if the center diff lock was engaged, then you should have had drive from the rear. I'd agree that'd the linkage needs a thorough looking at. Losing a front half-shaft would also have me suspicious of the diff and CVs. They aren't the strongest and there can be quite a shock load on them...
  4. erover82

    Anyone running Valvoline VR1 20/50?

    Correct, I was purchasing it in bulk off Amazon.
  5. erover82

    Anyone running Valvoline VR1 20/50?

    It does. Probably fine if you live in a year round warm climate. I ran 5w-50 in my last RV8. Mobile 1 also has a 15w-50.
  6. erover82


    There's got to be a story behind that inventory.
  7. erover82

    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    Which components did you select for your electrical panel? Looks like a composite board?
  8. erover82

    New Member in Southern Oregon

    Looks great from the outside. How's it looking underneath? Nice views of the valley out there too.
  9. erover82

    Friday N4¢N4£

    Just when you think it’s impossible to spend a single cent more on your truck..
  10. erover82

    Well, that was dumb.

    Looks to be at home in its natural habitat. Only too deep when the leg coolant comes through the vent flaps.
  11. erover82


    Short bed pickups work well for me. I want enough room to throw a fridge/cooler, fire wood, tools, animals, dirty clothes, chainsaw, etc in the back where I'm not subject to its smells, rattles, and projectile potential. I also like being able to throw things in the back, or retrieve them...
  12. erover82


    Similar proportions, except that the 130 sweeps up at the rear which IMO works better.
  13. erover82


    I know we're all about function over form but..
  14. erover82

    Vent Knob Options

    I don't know. Didn't realize you had the earlier part. It's already broken, so you don't have much to lose.
  15. erover82

    Vent Knob Options

    The stock one is AIT710030 and will look a lot better than a bare metal post. There are fancy aluminum ones too if that's the style you want.
  16. erover82

    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    New shoes look good. Notice much difference in handling?
  17. erover82

    Spill Return Rail Leak

    As long as the washers are real copper, I wouldn't think thickness makes much difference. Copper does work harden after deformation so ideally they should be replaced with each use. The Cummins return washers appear to be about the same thickness as standard LR ones. If this happened in the...
  18. erover82

    Building the perfect 90

    I keep coming back to one in particular. Any suggestions?
  19. erover82

    Door cards…

    Not sure any decent aftermarket cards exist, only seen awful hard plastic ones.
  20. erover82

    What Radio Head Unit / Receiver are you using?

    That thing is beautifully simple, and you can have matching tires and head unit.