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  1. UnfrozenCaveman

    Fall shop clean out

    Oooo, and a free TracEdge too??? :)
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    1995 Land Rover Discovery 1 3.9 v8 - $8k *OBO*

    We had our '94 from new until 2017 ... it was a great vehicle for everything. Sadly, Iowa winters / salted roads are no friend :( Good luck with the sale and to the new caretaker too !!!
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    Heck I don't know ... it was the 60's, we were convinced that they were :ROFLMAO: We were the same kids that poked at scorched snakes, etc after brush fires ... I'm getting off topic. Grenadier good ... just soo snazzy and expensive for me thanks. edit ... nope, not protected...
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    Thanks for that!! "...we decided to check out the California poppy bloom..." Growing up in Riverside we were always leery of even stepping on the protected poppy ... or so we thought ... just sure the poppy police would swoop in and get us!! :giggle:
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    Need a take-out 300tdi?

    Sooo. survey says ... Nope :) Geez, i didn't eve look at that picture closely ... wondered why the block was red?!?! Thanks for the insight ... no, I don't need one either :)
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    Need a take-out 300tdi?

    This is at least 2nd or 3rd hand info, but a local (Des Moines) buddy picked this up today It's supposed to be a take out by Monarch Defender in Ames, IA. The guy who's doing welding for Monarch gets them in trade...Let me know if anyone cares & I'll get some contact info.
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    Rovers North LR Newsletters/Owner's Guide NA Parts-Accessories & Atlantic British LR & Defender Catalogs/Brochures

    It's all their fault! Dammitt, I started out buying parts for my old Rover 3500 sedan from RN and Rovers West Eightparts. Then I got their mailers with the extra neato ex MoD 109s life's been downhill from there :( ...I kidd, I kidd :)
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    Round Offroad Lights

    Thanks Dave! I've seen the LampClamp and the KC mounts...the rubber / plastic insert bits seem a less than ideal solution to varaible sizes ... Back to the original question ... I had three Hella 4000's on the old Disco with a SG bumper ... never lacking for nighttime vision :)
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    Help w/ Lokar ZF Install

    If that's the solution, can you get the same result by sliding the whole shifter base forward / aft? Sure it might require elongated mounting holes, but avoid taking the shifter apart??? And from the Wayback Machine ...
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    Round Offroad Lights

    I'd really like to add some to the Perentie ... but I really don't want to put any holes in the ARB-ish bumper, and I'm not having any luck finding a clamp for the 1.375" crossbar... ???
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    Help w/ Lokar ZF Install

    I've got nuthin...but I do like the black shifter :) Good Luck!
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    Okay, tell me like I'm four ... why do five of those studs appear to be drilled and one isn't? I really want to like these ... I'm being put off by the engine and questions on dealer / parts network Oh, and the price seems a bit tough to swallow...I know, everything's silly these days...
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    Wheel Alignment

    Neighbor whacked into mine summer of 2019 ... idiots at the "alignment" shop couldn't manage to read the specs that I brought them ... to IN is not the same as toe OUT. I let them try twice then took it home and set it up correctly with a string and tape measure. I will say that two foot...
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    Rover Tracks Trailing arm bushing PN?

    A bit behind, but I just traded messages with Mr. Kreutzer last evening. He has some bushings still ... PM me and I can share his contact info.
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    How to determine original tire size and adjust speedometer?

    Just swap the speedo for a Kph one ... then you can do the mph conversion AND estimate your actual speed at the same time :ROFLMAO: ...gotta have a hobby on those long drives ... can't hear a stereo over the flapping canvas anyway...
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    1989 Land Rover Perentie 110 GS with low km's, $ 20,000 OBRO

    Just FIY ... Mine was easy to register in Iowa. Had to meet with the DOT guy so he could verify the VIN matched the paperwork, an that was it. Good luck!!
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    Compressor head and motor

    ...genius... !!! I've just been running long hoses through the house for trim work, etc. :rolleyes:
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    what are these worth?

    No clue, but I could use a working clock :)
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    Headlamp color law, specifically PA

    You know, I never looked this up for Iowa ... but the 3-light SG bumper on the old Disco was in compliance! I always had the clear covers on, so I suppose they were actual "lights". - - - - Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not to exceed three auxiliary driving lamps mounted on the front at...