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  1. expanse

    Metal Bits on Rear Differential Magnet

    A - if you have a high tolerance for a critical failure, ie stranded on the side of the road, towing bills are of no concern, full send it till boom or you get to fixing it. or B - if not, get on to fixing it. as with all things truck related, it could go 2 more feet or 2 more years till it...
  2. expanse


    Year of truck? Fuses: are they getting power, or just visually looked at? does the switch get and send power? guessing here, if the switch replacement is the answer to "What changed" I'd put a wager the issue is with power coming in or out of that switch. head lamps are a basic circuit. power...
  3. expanse

    Fall shop clean out

    so that means you'll take it. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. expanse

    Fall shop clean out

    I think that goes back to 2 owners ago along with the current wheels. Damn thing's been passed around well :)
  5. expanse

    Fall shop clean out

    Starting up my spring cleaning Before getting too excited, below is a parts pig, metal shaped in the form of a '94/95? RRC, no title, bring your own wheels (as these are not part of the deal), you get what you see type of situation. its crusty. typical RRC rust. it ran before the motor was...
  6. expanse

    300 Tdi Oil Leak

    spray down/clean whole area, run it around the neighborhood a few times, see where it leaks. R&R the leak'n paht
  7. expanse

    RHD & Parking Garages

    I used to use a wooden pole with an eye hook on it to clip the badge thingy to it. worked like a charm till the slide windows froze up.
  8. expanse

    Need a take-out 300tdi?

    2.5TD's for welding work has to be the worst trade ever.
  9. expanse

    FS: Salisbury Truetrac - new in box

    it not an e-locker, just how the Detroit boxes come. inside is an actual truetrac
  10. expanse

    FS: Salisbury Truetrac - new in box

    bump'n back up. Free UPS ground shipping within reason.
  11. expanse

    Grease gun that doesn’t leak?

    I've had a basic blue Lincoln gun w/ locknlube tip for 5 years at the shop. has held up well.
  12. expanse

    Help w/ Lokar ZF Install

    the bracket image is the direction I would have gone. good luck finding the sweet spot!
  13. expanse

    Fuel cap pressure 300 tdi

    is the truck running or stalling out? are the only symptoms you have is hissing when cracking the fuel cap and the leakage around the fuel lock on the cap?
  14. expanse

    Help w/ Lokar ZF Install

    if you disconnect linkage, can you select 1? if so, how much more distance was needed
  15. expanse

    Fall shop clean out

    I believe each panel of the box has a different product shown. the Detroit Lockers come in a similar box but are a locker.
  16. expanse

    Fall shop clean out

    Rubber Gearshift Boot Land Rover AWR3286 Asking $60 I have 2 in stock.
  17. expanse

    Quality Backup Camera???

    I had an Autovox v5pro in my f550 for a year or so. worked great. biggest PITA was ham fisting the formatting of a large SD card. I'll be installing the same setup in a Snatch this week.
  18. expanse

    Free, wheel lock with plastic case

    ill take it. dm sent.
  19. expanse

    Brap Brap went the OM606, A 110 build

    Nearly done w/ merc and getting it on the road as a daily driver. tires Thursday. Exhaust this week.