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  1. rocky

    Metal Bits on Rear Differential Magnet

    I don't recall if the 2003 have the diff lock still inside the TC or not, but if they do, I recommend you include in your order the mechanism Ashcroft usually has to connect to it.
  2. rocky

    Metal Bits on Rear Differential Magnet

    If you can't find a used one here, just close your eyes on the cost of freight from England and do it.
  3. rocky

    1995 Land Rover Discovery 1 3.9 v8 - $8k *OBO*

    95 to about 16/17 for my D1. Sometimes I hate living in the rust belt and want to move south... or west......
  4. rocky

    95/97 NAS non LED rear lamp assembly

    Pretty sure I do. Will look later.
  5. rocky

    Metal Bits on Rear Differential Magnet

    The need to replace it will be obvious once it’s pulled. Unless he has retrofitted a CDL, if the rear differential grenades, he’ll be stuck on the side of the road.
  6. rocky

    OM606 Revisited for Defender

    On the bonnet strut/scissor. Would this help?
  7. rocky


    Classic burnt out switch., Replace switch and add relay to stop all the headlight watts going through the switch.
  8. rocky

    Metal Bits on Rear Differential Magnet

    I’d start looking for another Diff. Hopefully you can track down a used one.
  9. rocky

    Greek Peak 2023

    We’re having another work/event prep weekend in May. Camping recommended as not only is SUNY Cortland holding its graduation that weekend, but also a wedding just booked the lodge. May 12-14. DM me if you are coming. Thanks
  10. rocky

    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    Prepping to replace the rusted winch bumper. The CB radio is going to be yanked out to.
  11. rocky

    New Rover

    My first car was a 73 Mini Clubman. Kinda hard to believe I origami’d myself into that daily and now that I drive an F150…. It was a go kart, powered by the 998cc Series A engine.
  12. rocky

    RHD & Parking Garages

    There’s an engineering solution for this problem.
  13. rocky

    Rovers North NAS Safety Devices Roll Cage

    I’d love to know I could add a cage and keep the extra tank I got (?Da4547?) from you a few years ago.
  14. rocky

    Need a take-out 300tdi?

    Best rust proofing system on four wheels
  15. rocky

    Land Rovers That Suck

    A FB market place listing…
  16. rocky

    Land Rovers That Suck

    I saw some pictures of that recently. The actual craftsmanship of building the body from wood has to be respected. Even if you don’t like the final result.
  17. rocky

    Cel on v8 lr3 with codes p0420 and p0116

    P0420 and your miles suggests to me that your cats are at the end of their Life cycle and need replacing. Often affecting drivability P0401 is often associated with that code. That’s for the EGR valve. P0116 is an engine temperature sensor. Initially, at least, I’d check coolant level, reset...
  18. rocky

    200 TDI Defender 110 suspension question

    Happiest suspension combo I had was on my D1 so similar weight to a 110. Genuine springs for the lift with Bilsteins. Took several years before the Bilsteins gave out. But road shocks are stretched when off road. Still not happy with springs on my 90. Tf018 and I forget what’s on the other...
  19. rocky

    Greek Peak 2023

    Take a look at the Hope Lodge. It didn’t exist 25 years ago, but it’s seriously impressive even in pictures.