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    1995 disco, high pitch sound when I press the gear selector button and shift out of park

    I have a 1995 disco. I have a small whining sound almost like a high pitch whine when I press the button on gear selector. When I shift into gear it keeps ringing. When placed into park without button pushed the sound goes off. The light on the ignition ring flashes when I press the the...
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    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    I am looking at cleaning up the back of the rrc. Does anybody have any pics of ways they have redone the back. Hoping to make some storage for tools, and possibly put a 235 spare back there. Couldn’t find anything searching. I would love to have a drawer system back there
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    Rrc winch bumper

    I am on the hunt for winch bumpers and sliders for a rrc. Anybody parting with any? Thanks I’m advance.
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    Wiper motor questions?

    In my defender, the wiper motor is quite loud. Is this normal to hear it over the 200tdi? On another note it never goes back to park, you have to time it right. I replaced both the stalk 1st and then the park switch. I was wondering if I got a faulty new switch.
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    Lr3 hitch for small offroad trailer

    I have a lr3 and recently purchased a adventure trailer horizon. I think they weigh about 2k. I have one of the stock Land Rover hitches (longer version), and it hang pretty low. I was wondering if anyone has and luck with the voyager rack hitches...
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    center console suggestions

    I am on the hunt for center console, I have been contemplating between a tuffy box, and the one from icon Does anybody have one they like? hoping to lock a stereo in there and have some cup holders. Both of these still measure a little long to have the cup...
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    Defender side mirrors...

    Not too long ago, I replaced my two mirrors with new assemblies from rovers north because the old ones had stripped screws at the hinge and were quite wobbly. Just recently I was navigating through a tight spot and had to pull my mirrors back. I believe I may have done some irreversible...
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    lock cylinder help, modern style rear door.

    On my defender, I replaced the rear door with a newer style (i think 2006). This new door is amazing except it has someones lock in there. I tried my old key on the miracle that it would fit. Are the lock cylinders transferable from old style to the new style? Can i transfer over the whole...
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    are all lhd trim panels for heater controls the same?

    I am in the process of buttoning up the dash after a RHD to LHD drive swap. I ordered MWC9339PMA LHD tim panel to cover up/mount the heater controls, but the holes don't line up. Are there different versions of the of the trim panel that has different holes? Or do I have to drill new holes in...
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    Lhd wiper motor cover

    I am finishing up my dash from rhd to lhd and am looking for the wiper cover with the three switches. Does anybody know of one for sale or where to get them? Cheers and thanks in advance. I found two different ones mtc6080, and muc1382. I can always order one from England but was hoping to...