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    Heavy Duty Radiator

    It seems there are always 3 ways to skin a Rover so I'm more or less sharing that a simple/cheap toggle switch on a efan that I flip on before the temps start to typically climb has done the trick. I'll add that I'm running a 5-6 year old $500 Proline rad from RN, a HD clutch fan, good t-stat...
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    Possible Moab trail closings.

    Agree. We're probably at the tip of selfie/fb/Insta era iceberg in terms of societal change we'll be dealing with from here on.
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    Heavy Duty Radiator

    That's been my experience as well. What turned out to be a simple solution for me is running a toggle switch to the AC condenser fan(or you could run an efan if you dont have AC). I've only needed to use is on long steep grades. This summer I had my 90 in all over the Alpine Loop passes, some...
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    Help. Need feedback on builders.

    I was in Colorado this summer for the National Rally and there were places where the dirt roads were being sprayed with magnesium chloride to keep the dust down. This will destroy a chassis so we had to avoid these roads. Nowhere’s safe it seems these days.
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    Help. Need feedback on builders.

    I can highly recommend Red Door Off-road in PA for excellent quality and service, owner is Neil.
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    warnings sticker on '94 NAS D90

    I’ve heard this too but that was his story at the time. I’ve also heard it’s not recommended without disconnecting the drive shafts. That was a great truck but the ST just isn’t as versatile as a SW, IMO, so I sold it and bought a POE and paid off my student loans.
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    warnings sticker on '94 NAS D90

    I had a low mile (under 8k if you can believe it) 94 I bought in the 90’s from a retired guy that learned he could not flat tow it behind his RV. Mine was where yours is and my top folded back as well. Do you have a bar that runs along the inside of the sides of the tub connecting the rear and...
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    OEM High Lift Jack

    My ‘83 110 has a cubby box over the left rear wheel similar to the seat box cubbies. The base goes there and the rest came with soft plastic black cover and ties down behind the inward facing bench on the left as well.
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    110 pickup rear step?

    I’ve always wondered if a fold down step could be rigged on the inside of the fold down tailgate?
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    Land Rover 110 plastic FRONT badge from an 83ish 110

    Here ya go.
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    Land Rover 110 plastic FRONT badge from an 83ish 110

    If you don’t find one here, there’s a stage 2 fb page and a guy in that page that has reproduced all the early 110/90 plastic badges.
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    How do I add a tach to a 200tdi?

    Curious why one is needed? Maybe I drive the wrong way or under the wrong impression, but the way I drive a diesel is a lot different than a V8. I don't rev anywhere near the redline, and it's very obvious when I need another gear.
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    Recommended power train conversion for my 200tdi 109 CSW

    The cabin heat that combo will throw would be a disappointment too. LR3’s are getting cheaper. Grab an ‘06-‘09 and let it open up a whole host of options the 109 will respectfully never touch.
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    RHD D90 SW

    Search is over. He decided to buy an 88 in the UK that appears to be in very good condition from a rivet counter that has an impressive history.
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    I believe they are concerned about the US market. New car buyers want nationwide warranty support and I have doubts Gren is going to be able to lock that in. BMW is not likely to support them, just as they did not support Land Rover.
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    RHD D90 SW

    Yeah, he's moving to temporarily to Ireland so would like to buy it here and be able to bring it back. There's some savings on registration taxes if he owns it for 6 mos before importing to Ireland I understand.
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    RHD D90 SW

    Helping a friend find a RHD 90SW. Not looking for projects and prefer stock, no frills, and is in good operating condition.
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    Set of five original MOD Wolf wheels

    How many tires? 1 or 5?
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    Oil Blow out on 3.9 NAS V8

    I have to wonder how many oil changes that engine has had. Low mileage is great as long as the maintenance is aligned as well.
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    synthetic oil - does it make a difference?

    If I were concerned id do both and have samples tested to see how they compare. I’ve done my own changes on a ‘16 for 99K and have found Amazon and Costco synthetic 0-20 performs well. I change around @6K and the two times I sent samples for testing the results were good. They noted I could...