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    1991 Land Rover Defender 90, Left Hand Drive, 200TDI $43k

    Price adjusted to $41.5k.
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    R2.8 to Ashcroft HD R380 stumpy Conversions

    From what I gather the Fotons in China that the R2.8 was designed for have a Getrag transmission (5 speed?)--does make me wonder if there is any bellhousing similarity. The current stock tune on the R2.8 is 310ft/lb right? Per the internet, "Ford's version of the 6MTI500 (MT82) is specific to...
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    Total bummer to be dealing with this at a relatively young age. That being said, what you are describing will likely be very treatable. The frequency of episodes you are describing should make your overall condition relatively straightforward to diagnose--if it has not been done already. But...
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    This Noise

    You may be all set for buttoning the timing cover back up, but I've got the tool to hold the crank while torquing that damper bolt (I'm in Sellwood and your welcome to borrow it). Also have a compression tester with adapter--if different than yours might allow you to check that last cylinder. PM...
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    Defender Bulkhead, Seatbox, Bonnet and some Series IIA body parts

    Hi, I have a handful of defender and series body parts I've been hoarding. Have an upcoming move that is prompting me to thin the herd. 1. Used Defender Bulkead in good condition. Looks like it is from a 1993, given the lack of bulkhead vents and the holes for heater on the top of the passenger...