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  1. MountainD

    Random Circuitry on Dash Harness, and other gremlins for fun

    I’m planning to fiddle with one of these...eventually...
  2. MountainD

    Random Circuitry on Dash Harness, and other gremlins for fun

    That circuit board looks a lot like the low fuel warning light gauge pcb. I’m traveling so didn’t check wire colors though.
  3. MountainD


    Try some full size vans
  4. MountainD

    What's Your dB?

    Where is everyone holding the phone?
  5. MountainD

    Evaluate My Smoke

    Neither can I with the 200. I am in the high teens.
  6. MountainD

    All Metal Diesel Sedimentor $60

    Wish I saw it last month when I bought one :-). GLWS!
  7. MountainD

    3.9 v8 seems to be loosing prime

    Yes it comes out. Forcing it out can scour the aluminum bore so yo need to be careful. I used a 7/16” bolt in the end of mine. This is my spare I used to help smooth the bore— I also used wet/dry Emory cloth on my pinky iirc— can’t recall which, but ultra fine as you don’t want to remove...
  8. MountainD

    3.9 v8 seems to be loosing prime

    V-belt or Serp? If it is a V-belt, it can very well have low oil pressure--there are two main causes in my experience and I have been through the ringer with the V-belt set up (I eventually changed to the vastly superior serp belt front cover). the two main problems I battled were a stock...
  9. MountainD

    SOLD Genuine Morgan Hill Boost Pin

    I’ll take it— shoot he your Venmo or PayPal
  10. MountainD

    This Start Problem....

    THAT is how you figure shit out. I have owned enough rovers to never throw parts at it anymore (well 90% of the time). You are doing it correct--find the error/part, never treat a symptom. Good work.
  11. MountainD

    How to parallel park your 110 like a boss

    He’d pass an engineering test...
  12. MountainD

    Ready to Sell ...?

    Yeah, I hear you. I just picked up a "new" to me 110....and it is taking all my "free" time. I don't know the right answer, but I do know that if you get it wrong, you will have a lot harder time in the future getting a good one...
  13. MountainD

    Sold! Loaded 1989 110SW w/ 300Tdi, R380, A/C, etc......

    Dude! No. Don’t. Find another way... what an awesome rig. Hope you change your mind... if someone’s in the market it would be a hell of a deal.
  14. MountainD

    Evaluate My Smoke

    I just used a full length breaker bar--the added length really helped with the accuracy. I nailed the accuracy at the dial gauge, no sweat. When I turned it around 2 rev (the crank) and it landed at 1.75, I looked underneath and the slot was dead center. I left it for now. I need to return...
  15. MountainD

    Evaluate My Smoke

    I’ve found timing via dial gauge, as I did last weekend, is very difficult to get exact. Not so much from the dial, that part is fine. The hard part is that the difference between 1.54mm and 1.60mm at the flywheel i found to be so small that it was nearly imperceptible. I can’t use a locking...
  16. MountainD

    Top dollar for a '97 NAS that needs...?

    Probably in the mid 20’s to 30’s if clear title. Loads of stuff will need redoing, most likely doors too. Maybe low 20’s, depends on rust.
  17. MountainD

    Misc LR Series/Defender/Discovery/Range Rover Small Parts

    I'm your huckleberry! Just let me know the cost. I'll paypal you.
  18. MountainD

    Red Booster Clutch Kit

    I’m poisoned on brakes and boosters lately. I’ve been trying to get my LS/D90’s working properly and got really frustrated. The thought of adding more complexities at this particular moment in time is going backwards to how I feel on wanting to simplify some things. Surprised you didn’t just...
  19. MountainD

    Red Booster Clutch Kit

    Some times my knee hurts, and I think Hey! I r3ally should add one more component to break...
  20. MountainD

    Madman EMS 2 (maybe 3)...

    I’ve been told about $250 bought through SA.