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    Need the clamshell center dash tray wiring cover

    let me know if you find surplus, been looking for a bit and only found overseas. I may actually print a couple
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    Tool Deals Thread

    GearWrench 9412 12 Piece Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set $39
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    Perei 95MM LED Rear Fog and Reverse Lamp - Interest?

    no responses, I'll pass this go around. thanks
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    Perei 95MM LED Rear Fog and Reverse Lamp - Interest?

    Worked some pricing from supplier in UK, price on both rear red fog and white reverse from Perei. These would just have wires coming out of I believe, no connector. If I buy 5 sets, pricing should be cheaper than less than Mud UK pricing, delivered. I am guessing we are anywhere from $110-$120...
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    Ebay Deals

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    5 Bar Chequer Plate - 7 pieces for 90

    No idea what manufacturer these are. PO installed prior to import to US. No dings or scratches that i could find, powder in good shape. Was attached by rivets. $ I can try to pack up and ship, the sills will have to go in a second box. Located North of Philly. $175, or trade for more hoard...
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    SOLD Carling Switches

    Any rear pics of the switches, interested in what type they are, thanks.
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    RURR request, Florida to PA

    Anyone travelling up north from Florida to PA in the near future? Trying to move a few things. Thanks.
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    Volvo XC90 - Anyone running one?

    picked up a 2019 XC90 T6 today. My wife loved it, so she bought it. Also bought wheel and tire plan, factory extended 7/100k warranty, and interior/exterior damage protection. Got those for cheap, they really wanted to sell. my only gripe so far are the 21" wheels, as they refused to swap...
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    How to parallel park your 110 like a boss

    The world (Reddit) agrees. Definitely cool seeing the stuff from the 30's for inspiration. Next comes flying defenders.
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    How to parallel park your 110 like a boss

    This dude wins. Hopefully those w/o twitter can view the vid.
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    Michelin XZL 7.5R16 tires

    ah, just late to the party then i guess. ill have to see the going rate for the 7.5's at RN, as i have a few other items to buy first, but it seems as though scarcity comes and goes. definitely diggin them, and have not heard anything really negative except maybe the added weight.
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    Michelin XZL 7.5R16 tires

    FWIW, just confirmed with Colony Tire in Norfolk. They have QTY of 90 in stock, never mounted, locked away in their secret lair. No group buy, no forum discount (I tried) and must buy from ebay, but can pick up and save shipping (just leave note in comments at checkout). If anyone ever has a...
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    Cutting the Cable Coax?

    bummer, I put one of these in my attic pointed towards the highest saturation of towers (not the closest) and a high amount of hd channels. I'm about 25 miles line of sight from Philly though. Some great websites that help you map it out and get an azimuth and elevation. TV Antenna - RCA...
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    NEW Hutchinson 16" Beadlock Wheels with BFG MT's 33's FS

    those are some of the toughest wheels ive ever seen. good luck with the sale.
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    Cutting the Cable Coax?

    To add to the convo, most of my friends/family that switched didn't know what to do for local channels. If you still want them, you can get something like Tablo, where a single coax antenna can feed all your TV's over IP. My Roku's have the tablo app just like Netflix, or Amazon, and I can...
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    Cutting the Cable Coax?

    check out sling TV. they have a good assortment of "other" channels including sports that may fit the bill. F1 would be tough but you can likely find some overseas stuff online and broadcast to TV. Roku has a ton of free random channels as well.
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    Cutting the Cable Coax?

    Good Internet, Roku box to aggregate it all, then pick your poison. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu just about covers it. Sling is a good add on too. We also get HBO and Showtime a few times a year to binge for a month or two, then drop it. Local channels all run through HD antenna.
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    Michelin XZL 7.5R16 tires

    due to the sidewall profile? post yours up. I have to assume these are also quite heavy, so steel wheels and these are likely a good load on a TDI?
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    Michelin XZL 7.5R16 tires

    I could not find any 7.5 CONUS except pangolin and RN (didnt check stock), but did see some used on fleebay and other military tire sites at 8.25. This place in VA has a few for sale. Id' be all over them based on this thread and if i could offload some of my uneeded stuff. I may be kicking...