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  1. jymmiejamz

    Source for blade style fuse box PRC4826

    Does anyone have a source for these? I know they have been obsolete for a while. I’m also open to alternatives if they look factory once installed
  2. jymmiejamz

    WTB NAS Soft Top cage

    Looking for a NAS soft top cage. Let me know what you have! May also be able to trade for the NAS station wagon parts.
  3. jymmiejamz

    Britpart Rear Step NIB

    As the title says, new in box Britpart rear step. This is for accessing the cargo area. Part number STC7632 $60 shipped
  4. jymmiejamz

    Bearmach R380 tunnel cover

    Brand new. Part number BTR9320 $55 shipped
  5. jymmiejamz

    Defender 110 Terra Firma Springs and Shocks

    These came off of a rolling chassis I bought. They have zero miles but were supporting a galvanized chassis for an unknown length of time. located in Richmond, Va. I would prefer not to ship given the weight and size $200
  6. jymmiejamz

    WTB Project D90 or 110

    Looking for a D90 or even a 110 for a complete restoration. I’m open to any condition and any configuration. I already have a chassis and bulkhead so rusty is fine.
  7. jymmiejamz

    300 Tdi Rebuild Parts

    I’ve got a 300 Tdi that I’m going to rebuild. Any brands of parts to avoid or spring for? I’m not planning on going crazy with the rebuild, so no plans to do genuine throughout with new liners. I see you can get kits online that have bearings, pistons, cylinder head, ect. One thing I haven’t...
  8. jymmiejamz

    Nuts and Bolts

    I was thinking it would be nice to start compiling a list of the sizes of nuts and bolts commonly used. I put in an Ashcroft transfer box recently and it had all new hardware which inspired me to do the same when resealing a transfer box. I know a lot of people on here are rebuilding their own...
  9. jymmiejamz

    Oil Cooler Line Adapters at Radiator

    I'm replacing the radiator on a '94 D90 that has been upgraded with stainless oil cooler lines. The genuine replacement radiator came with fixed fittings at the radiator and will not work with the stainless oil cooler lines that are installed on the truck. So you know what I'm referring to, here...
  10. jymmiejamz

    L405 Range Rover Genuine Waterproof Seat Covers

    This is a like new set of L405 Range Rover seat covers that were installed and immediately removed. Front and rear complete set in excellent condition. They will fit 2013-2017 models and will not work on 2018+. I don’t plan on owning any new Land Rover products so no sense in hanging on to...
  11. jymmiejamz

    SDO Switch Plate

    Clearing up some stuff around the shop. This panel holds four Carling switches and two round auxiliary sockets. One Blue Sea Systems 12V socket is included. The panel is scuffed up but I don’t think there are any scratches all the way through the paint. I tried to capture the finish with the...
  12. jymmiejamz

    Terra Firma beadlock wheel x1

    One brand new in box Terra Firma beadlock wheel. This will fit a Defender, RRC, or Discovery 1. Wheel nut pattern is 5x6.5” $200
  13. jymmiejamz

    Terra Firma HD front shock towers

    Like new with minor scuffing from installation and storage. These were installed and removed before customer took delivery of vehicle. $100 Shipped
  14. jymmiejamz

    Safari Gard diff guards

    Two used SG diff guards. One is the style meant for a NAS D90 to clear the fuel tank during suspension compression. Both have normal wear and have a small section where they were tack welded in place. These can be bolted on if desired. $100 Shipped
  15. jymmiejamz

    Sealing a Plastic Fuel Tank

    I'm going to be installing a Britpart auxiliary fuel tank in my 110 once I burn through this full tank of diesel I have. The tank looks to be the same as the Mantec tank they used to make. It is meant to be installed with a metal 110 tank that has a drain plug. The intended installation would...
  16. jymmiejamz

    Superwinch Tigershark 9500SR and Factor 55 Flatlink

    Superwinch Tigershark 9500SR (synthetic rope) fitted with a Factor 55 Flatlink. Winch is in good working order. It came installed on my 110 when I bought it but I ended up going with the Camel Trophy bumper/winch setup. Winch was tested before removal. Packaged and ready to ship or pickup from...
  17. jymmiejamz

    Auxiliary Heater

    Has anyone installed auxiliary heaters for the rear of a 110 SW? IIRC, the Canadian NAS 110s had them under one of the front seats. I was thinking about getting a Webasto Thermo Top C and then just adding an auxiliary heater matrix. I'm also not opposed to getting a Webasto air heater and...
  18. jymmiejamz

    Water Tank with Safety Devices Roll Cage

    I've read that the current production Frontrunner water tank will not work with the SD cage. I also saw a post on another forum about a Frontrunner tank fitting a NAS 110 with the factory cage. I'd love to get away from jerry cans. Anyone fit one with a cage? I'm also wondering if this one will...
  19. jymmiejamz

    Defender Water Ingress Manual

    Pulled from another forum, along with their joke.
  20. jymmiejamz

    Measurement Needed - 110 Middle Row Seats

    For those of you with the three individual seats in the middle row (not 60/40 split) I'm looking for the space between the two outer seats. Basically I'm looking to see if I can fit an Engel 45 fridge between the seats if I leave the middle one out. Right now I have a 60/40 split, but would like...