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    Catskills and Beers

    Love the photo of the Old Delaware & Hudson Building in Albany from inside the 110. That "moto" cafe you went to in Hudson is very cool -- we stop in there all the time when we are buzzing through there between our place in Troy and Palenville in the Catskills. I was just in Philly a few weeks...
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    NAS-ROW Secret Santa / Holiday Gift Exchange 2021 (US)

    So, I went to retrieve my giftee's address and Elfster's message was "Content not available" -- is that because people are being added, or am I that guy who is a total Pain in the Ash???
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    1961 VW Beetle Project w/ Extra Motor & Lots Of Parts $7500

    Wait, I read: "Dream Car", "She Loves Them", "I'd Love to Build Her One". Sounds like a lot of positives -- DO IT!!!
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    Offroad Monkeys Parts for sale

    Just the rear hinges for a soft top (two hinge set) left.
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    Offroad Monkeys Parts for sale

    Window Blocks are sold. 1 Hardware kit for 4 (110) doors sold. I have a few hardware (black anodized bolts, gaskets/spacers, etc...) kits for various applications (eg. front doors, rear doors, bonnet, etc...).
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    Offroad Monkeys Parts for sale

    I have a few leftover parts from an Offroad Monkeys Install for sale. Window blocks (2 pieces) with stainless steel hardware — $140.00 shipped ConUS via USPS Side Window Hardware Covers — $100.00 shipped ConUS via USPS Rear door hinges for soft top trucks (2 hinges) with stainless steel...
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    Trails in Catskills/greater Hudson NY area?

    The Catskills is a tough area to find off road trails because of the "Wilderness" designation. There is a lot of great hiking in the area though. Hunter ski area used to offer paid excursions on the west side of the mountain -- unsure if they still do. You might also want to check out Windham...
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    1992 BMW R100 GSPD for sale $8,000

    BaT is next. Just wanted to see if anyone here had any interest first.
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    1992 BMW R100 GSPD for sale $8,000

    I have a BMW that I want to sell to finance the restoration of my 88" IIa (read between the lines: Wife want's it out of her garage spot!) 56,5xx miles. All of the following upgrades were completed within the last 100 miles: Motorrad Elektrik 600 watt Omega Charging System, Ohlins Rear...
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    2022 Range Rover

    British cars have always been known for leaking... The Jalopnik subhead is classic, and a huge southpaw swipe!
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    NAS-ROW Secret Santa / Holiday Gift Exchange 2021 (US)

    Accidentally skipped last year -- back in it! Thanks F.S.!
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    Land Rovers That Suck

    This would be better if it wasn't named the "Long Ranger" and that name wasn't plastered all over it -- seriously, WHY?
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    Where Does This Belong? Mystery Screw

    Way to "modern" for a stock '93 NAS 110 screw.
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    Robert Davis

    I miss both Robert and Doug. They are valuable contributors to the Land Rover community and were valuable contributors to NAS-ROW. I hope whatever happened can be patched up so they will consider coming back in the future.
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    Anyone else tempted to buy on of these?

    Seriously, isn't Paypal on the hook for some of the knock-off / patently misrepresented merchandise that they broker payment for?
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    It's that time of year...fall rivalry

    When I was in college, we played Army Lacrosse at West Point. The game stoped for "To the Colors" at the sound of the cannon -- gratefully we all kew what to expect... We also ate in the main mess hall after the game. An absolutely unforgettable experience!
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    It's that time of year...fall rivalry

    Go ARMY!
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    Defender 110 Beach Runner - Electric Motor

    I found this about a Land Rover Series III Lightweight EV Conversion:
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    New Defenders starting to show up at dealers

    I wonder how the new Defenders are selling -- I have seen a few while traveling on the highways in MA, CT and NJ, as well as two locally. I also wonder how the 90 vs the 110 is doing sales-wise. Local dealer had two 90's and two 110's for a while (like 6 months) but now both 90's are gone and I...
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    Red Winch vs Warn Winch

    I had a Warn XD9000i and have run a Superwinch Talon 9.5i on my current 90. The Talon seems faster, espeically winding it up with no load. Unsure if speed really matters -- do you really need to winch anythig in a hurry? The Red Winches seem to be well built and have good reviews. And, you will...