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  1. KND

    Is there an interlock solenoid on 1997 D90 NAS V8 automatic?

    I took my car out for an off-road trip behind my home, everything are working great except for some reason I couldn't select the low range. I tried different methods but still no chance. The differential lock is working on high range. I just wonder if there is an interlock solenoid on LT230Q...
  2. KND

    Roof top tent

    Hello everyone, I'm have a 1997 D90 NAS with safety roll cage, I'm looking to install a hardtop roof top tent for camping this summer. I just wonder if I can get away with just the load bar and roof top tent mount exactly like the defender 90 below. I have no need for a full roof rack so...
  3. KND

    Universal car door lock system.

    Hello, I just wonder if any members know where to find an U.S made universal car door lock system with remote key fob or at least European made one. I'm looking to get my defender 90 retrofitted with keyless entry, it's quite convenience when you have a passenger come along with you. Most of...
  4. KND

    Thoughts on 1997 Defender 90 NAS ?

    Hello everyone , I need some opinions and thoughts on 1997 Defender 90 NAS in Alpine white, it has 63,000 km, very nice looking and low mileage. Wife really love it because of the automatic transmission. The problem is I just bought a 1996 Defender 90 in Coniston green, very nice car too, no...