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  1. RBBailey

    Gull Wing Option

    Found this company in Netherlands. Anyone have any comparison to them vs. Frontrunner? I like that they have products for so many vehicles, and I may be interested in one for the G or the Disco.
  2. RBBailey

    Just a Few Engine Options

    A few of the options for powering the Defender.
  3. RBBailey

    Clarkson's Farm

    I was anticipating this show for a while before getting the chance to start watching the episodes, and I have to say, I was not disappointed. Top Gear and Grand Tour were always favorites of mine, and if you know those shows, but have not seen Clarkson's Farm -- Imagine the most interesting...
  4. RBBailey

    Camel For Sale

    I'd think this ad was a fraud if it wasn't actually at a Land Rover dealership: Anyone know anything about this truck? I'm not looking to buy, but it's always good to keep track of these things!
  5. RBBailey

    Finally Drove One

    First of all, I stand by my criticisms of earlier: This does not do a good job of really replacing the Defender. They should have kept the Freelander, and the current Disco would have slid nicely into that spot, making this (with a bit of a roof line change) the new Disco; the front end from...
  6. RBBailey

    Tires: How Old?

    How old do you think it is OK to run BFG MTs on a Land Rover that is used as a daily, highway, and off-road? Otherwise in fine condition, no signs of wear unusual wear to my untrained eye.
  7. RBBailey

    Heater Option?

    Maybe? I'm seeing people use these on their home-build aircraft. Maybe it's a good option to supplement the Defender heat? If I had mine still, I think I'd give this a try in some way.
  8. RBBailey

    This is becoming really interesting...

    I've been following this, and a few others on YouTube, and this latest update is crazy. I have to believe they simply got a lemon. The other problems I've seen people have are fairly typical of many new cars, but maybe a little more frustrating since they don't go away. Like the camera not...
  9. RBBailey

    Found: Cheap 200Tdi 90 For Sale

  10. RBBailey

    Front Runner Rack Issues

    I can't get this rack to lay flat. The seam in the center where the two halves join together just doesn't close tight. It's a small amount, but it's enough to notice that there is a sag in the rack when you look down the length. Any thoughts? I'm not 100% sure what to do about it.
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    Question: How is school going for your kids? I "teach" high school. Been curious how things are going here and there in places other than my limited view.
  12. RBBailey

    Future Imports

    I'm reading some chatter on the GWagon forum that Land Rover is putting out info saying that older RRCs from Europe are inelligable for import to the USA. They specifically discuss the 1987 model. Am I missing something? Have Federal import regs changed? Isn't it still 25 years and "original"...
  13. RBBailey

    That Rear Step Thing

    The rear step on the '98 Disco has sagged. Are any of you aware of a strut that could be bought from NAPA or the like that would fit that spot, or is it a Rover only piece?
  14. RBBailey

    An Interesting Transition

    Since selling the Defender I can say that I do miss it, but I'm not regretting the sale. In the weeks before selling, once it was officially up for grabs, I automatically began putting more time back into the Series. I was able to break even on what I spent on the Defender. And I passed it on...
  15. RBBailey

    Off Topic: X5 Wheel Won't Come Off!

    So once again, I'm changing suspension air bags. Did it on the 2003 Mercedes, and now on the 2015 X5. I hope the X5 is a little less frustrating of a logic puzzle to get the new bag in place, but I can't tell because I can't even get the stupid wheel off. (I've come to the conclusion that if you...
  16. RBBailey

    Where is that thread?

    The one about switching the rear bench seat to bucket/high back seats? I thought I had emails about it, photos, and I thought for sure that thread was active just a week or two ago, but I can't find it. Thanks.
  17. RBBailey

    Ethanol Treatments

    Anyone know of any out there that don’t off-set the cost so much that I should just pay the $5 per gallon for ethanol free gas? I’m looking mainly for the power tools, but would want to treat the V8 Rovers once in a while as well.
  18. RBBailey

    Good Series Brakes

    This morning started clear and warm with a high of 85 and about 40 miles visibility. Then about 4:00 it turned into 1 mile vis and a wind storm of about 40 mph gusts. I thought it would be good to go to Home Depot in the Series truck. Luckily, I was actually paying attention as I was just...
  19. RBBailey

    FS: 1988 LHD 110 300Tdi R380

    If you have kids, you probably know that one day they will move out. And once that day gets more real and close at hand, you just hope it's not because of anger or a breakdown of the relationship, but because you are sending them off to college, or handing them over to their new family in...
  20. RBBailey

    Odd Starting Issue: '98 4.0 Disco I

    My son's Disco has had an odd starting issue for a while where it just doesn't like to catch the first go around. It reminds me of when a vehicle is out of gas. So I have tried to let the pump run for a few seconds before starting, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. I've pulled all...