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  1. dkemm

    Another R2.8 Install (long BH R380 version)

    @donb Any more updates on your build? would love to see how its come along since early July!
  2. dkemm

    Where is the oil from

    I came across this old post. I figured that I would provide some closure to it. I am still waiting on my R2.8, but rumor has it arriving early October. The original issue I posted wasnt oil at all, but diesel from the turbo. A little searching and I stumbled on the possibility of the boost...
  3. dkemm

    Tripp King - Royal Defenders

    Also goes by TN-Defender And wants Venmo payment
  4. dkemm


    Is there an easy way that people could sign up for location based searches. For example, I live in Albuquerque NM but would like to connect of find out who else may be in the NM, West TX, S. Colo, E. AZ area. I have stumbled upon individuals that are local based on being able to identify photo...
  5. dkemm

    Anyone near Albuquerque, NM?

    older post...but looking for others in ABQ, NM
  6. dkemm

    Defender Black Leather dash cover & leather gauge cover

    Great Idea - sure glad it got bumped. MIght be my next leather adventure after hunting season! I need expresso brown leather to complement the rest of the mods!~
  7. dkemm

    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    photo borrowed from Indio22 on another forum...but this clearly shows the proper drum brake spring and trailing shoe retainer positions. I wish I had seen this when I did it the first time.
  8. dkemm

    Turn signal issues...

    I have definitely been considering that....Originally I thought $75 was steep...but after chasing gremlins a couple of times....really not expensive!!! and thanks for saving me having to search for the link!
  9. dkemm

    Turn signal issues...

    Turned out to be a loose hazard switch to connector. I will see about adding to the copper pins or tighten the female connections to keep it tight.
  10. dkemm

    NAS D90 switch assembly STC439 (Indicator/Horn/Headlamp)

    I had the same situation.... I spent 2hours trying to meter all turn signal stalk connections....didnt work. I did some research. this morning, I pulled out the hazard switch to meter those connections. as it turns out, the R turn signal was on when I turned the key....all systems working...
  11. dkemm

    What have you done to your DEFENDER today?

    replaced my rear brake drums / shoes and brake springs....twice! Lesson learned.... 1st install was great - took about 40min total....a few days later I took it out for a drive.....only to have the pedal go tot he floor. I couldnt figure out how I could have gotten air in the lines as I only...
  12. dkemm

    Turn signal issues...

    I have an issue that I am hoping someone can provide some help. ('88 Ninety, RHD) My turn signals have now stopped working (again) (hazards work fine) this has happened in the past...when I went to fix over the weekend - they were again working. It now seems they are not functioning - hazards...
  13. dkemm

    Project Stella Rose - Cummins R2.8

    Looks incredible - would love some video too!! GREAT JOB!
  14. dkemm


    Do you have a write up on your brake conversion? I am a firm believer that that with more Power - there should be more restraint! As I am waiting on my cummins to arrive - I am filling my truck time with other projects that make sense. I have an '88 Ninety with rear drums....I would like to...
  15. dkemm

    Door identification question

    1. easier 2. much more consistent closing I am guessing that it would be a couple of items - heavier doors (non aluminum) and much more SOLID door. The originals had welds in just about every corner...and then some. The windows also rattled due to loose channels in the doors. I am guessing...
  16. dkemm

    Door identification question

    They do now.....I spent some time today on alignment and working the seals. I had to remove the lower seal (existing on the body) so that the new lower seal was retained (and properly sheds water outside). They close much better and now have GREAT alignment! Now if the rest of my ninety had...
  17. dkemm

    Door identification question

    @Ozzie, where did you get your lock barrels? I went to transfer my old ones and they are smaller diameter. If I am understanding correctly, these use the "ignition key" style the same key for locks and ignition? did you replace your ignition lock as well? I have recently replaced my...
  18. dkemm

    Door identification question

    Here are the new doors installed. Interesting find....the old doors weighed just about as much as the new doors - that is alot of welding to keep the old ones together. If anyone is in need of the old doors or any parts from the old doors - just pay shipping, otherwise, they will likely hit the...
  19. dkemm

    Door identification question

    Well, the swap was pretty painless. The power locks just about transferred over - need to drill new holes the power windows were much easier into the proper inner panels! (I had to custom measure and mount in the old style inner panels) both doors took about 2.5hours to mount and transfer all...