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    1.4 Ratio LT230

    Hi, I am interested in your 1.6, would you be willing to ship it?
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    Royal Overland’s Trophy Defender

    Any updates?
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    1995 disco, high pitch sound when I press the gear selector button and shift out of park

    I have a 1995 disco. I have a small whining sound almost like a high pitch whine when I press the button on gear selector. When I shift into gear it keeps ringing. When placed into park without button pushed the sound goes off. The light on the ignition ring flashes when I press the the...
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    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    Ok, super stupid question, is that big black rectangle on the right a subwoofer? I have a whole bunch of stuff like an after market amp, I need to get rid of. But wondered about the big square?
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    Free to a good home thread

    cool thanks!
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    Free to a good home thread

    Rocky, I am interested in these. I assume they would would be great for a rrc. are they still available. ian
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    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    Azarmadillo, you rock! Thanks for the help. I am only rocking 2 inch springs with 265 but need new tires so either 235 or 255, debating the expense of all the mods to make 255 work.
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    Range Rover classic rear storage/makeover

    I am looking at cleaning up the back of the rrc. Does anybody have any pics of ways they have redone the back. Hoping to make some storage for tools, and possibly put a 235 spare back there. Couldn’t find anything searching. I would love to have a drawer system back there
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    Rear seats wanted

    Put some Knightsbridge black covers on them and rock em
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    Rrc winch bumper

    I know they are bulky and not my first choice, this rig is a budget build to let family members use to wheeling, never mounted, 450! Now slider searching. Just installed an arb locker in rear. Almost ready to play
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    Rrc winch bumper

    Be interested to see what bumper it is!!
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    Rrc winch bumper

    That is a really cool idea, I really like the looks of that, but here in the Nw, trails are tight, and I see the benefit of a little more protection
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    Group Buy: Demer Box Pelican Case Bluetooth Speaker

    Picked up an orange one to rock out in the garage, and various rivers with no stereo. Love it so far!!! Thank you for sharing
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    Rrc winch bumper

    I am on the hunt for winch bumpers and sliders for a rrc. Anybody parting with any? Thanks I’m advance.